Sarah stood at the top of the cliff, looking out to the beautiful night sky above her. The bright stars shined, much like glitter over dark satin. The moon was a perfect pale yellow – a waning crescent. In the far distance, the city lit up the horizon with the street lamps and light bulbs.

Sarah would usually be in her small apartment room by now, sleeping in her queen sized bed. She would be in her nightmares again. The nightmares that dragged her into loneliness. The nightmares that reminded her of how she couldn't keep a boyfriend. The nightmares of how she couldn't keep her own best friend from leaving her.

The ugly truth had followed her around every corner, chased her through every street. Her comfort began to take form in pain. She would hunt out men in shady bars that nobody knew about. For the night, she would become a living voodoo doll. All the cuts and hits to her at night would certainly add more pain to her day life, But for the night, she could worry about something other than her bruised heart and the nightmares.

Of course, its effects were not permanent. Sarah found herself becoming used to the pain. The more pale scars made marks across her body, the less it hurt. So Sarah tried other ways. Nothing helped. The temporary highs would just send her back into a cold reality compared to the nice moments of release. The cold bottles of alcohol would just send her into a sobbing mess upon the floor. Sarah was once again unable to escape the nightmares.

She had locked herself up in her cramped little apartment for days. She hadn't even used up all the food she had before the tenant had kicked her out. Finding herself on the streets, Sarah lost herself in a dark depression. The pain often suffocated her, the nightmares pulsing in her mind. She couldn't escape.

Sometimes, she saw people she'd once known. People that she'd laughed with. People she confided everything about herself too. People she counted on with every bit of her unstable being. Sometimes people that she'd kissed. People that she'd whispered words of love to. People that she'd offered every bit of her being to.

They all shared something in common on those streets. They would walk straight by, pretending they hadn't any idea of who she was. That she was just another bum, nothing but a piece of junk on the city. All that free time had given Sarah time to think. She'd found her realization one day as two grieving adults had walked out of a restaurant. The words had planted something she'd never thought of before.

"It's alright. She's not suffering anymore."

Sarah didn't want to suffer anymore, so here she was at the top of this cliff. It was amazing. She'd never realized how beautiful the world was. Outside of the poisonous city that was tainted with pain and misery, the world was breathtaking. She could feel a light breeze kissing every bit of her body as it passed, pulling playfully at her clothes. She could hear the animals singing to the moon in the sky. Sarah knew at once that this was where she belonged. Soon, she would be one with this very beautiful place, free from the nightmares.

Sarah stepped off of the cliff.