Chapter 1

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As John walked down the staircase into the hallway of his home, at 8:30 in the evening, he spotted a small black envelope at the base of his door. At this moment John new that he had been assigned another target to dispose of.

John was 28 years old and had short, jet black hair and deep, dark blue eyes. He wore a simple black t-shirt that he had just grabbed out of his wardrobe in the morning and dark blue jeans which he had also wore the day before.

John had a simple house which he lived in with his wife and 3 year old daughter. The hallway was mostly a creamy sort of colour but there were picture frames that dotted the walls that contained pictures of their friends and family. John went over to the door and looked it.

His wife and child were out of town visiting her mother so John didn't have to worry about anyone coming home. John could not go with them because he had to work. John had a job as a seconded hand car salesman and earned money based on how well he worked and how much he sold.

John picked up the envelope and slowly shakes it and heard a small rustling inside which he understood was a card that all his contacts used because to reach him they had to go through his manager who organised these jobs for him.

His wife and child knew nothing about these jobs or the money he was paid for them. They believed, well his wife believed seeing his child was only 3, that it was a bonus from working hard at work.

He slowly opened the envelope and inside was a small black card with white writing on it that simply had a time and a location on it. The time was 01:15 and the location was at the base of Big Ben. John new that he was to meet his contact at this time and location and that he would then receive a file containing details about his assigned target.

Once John had finished reading the card he took a lighter out of his top pocket in his t-shirt. He flipped the top off and set the flame alight and he then took the card and held it over the flame so it caught a light. He then set it in an ash tray, which he had on the shelf next to the door, and left it to burn.

John new that he had to prepare, so he went through the double glass doors at the back of the house and into the back garden. Outside he went to an old shed in the back of the garden and unlocked the rusty bolt lock after jiggling it a few times.

He then pulled the old string to the right of the inside of the door and a bare light bulb flickered on and off a couple of times before finally staying on for good. Inside it looked like someone had just dumped all there gardening stuff in hear, and that is exactly what happened, after John's wife , Lisa, had tried it for about a month before she became to frustrated with the old lawn mower to continue cutting and tiding up the garden.

Inside there was an old lawn mower that looked like it had seen better days and a couple of old seed packs that were stacked next to a trowel. There was also an old, rusty, shovel and a dusty stack of plant plots.

However John had come in here to prepare and so he went to the centre of the room and dusted off the dirt and muck at the bottom of the shed and saw a small lump with a hole inside it big enough for two fingers. He put his fingers in the hole and pulled on it and a section of the floor came off with it.

Where the floor used to be was now a hole big enough for John to fit through and on one side of it there was a ladder that had been built into the wall. John got a grip on the ladder and slowly began to proceed down the ladder into the dark.

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