A Content Ending


It's funny how the little things in life can mean so much to a person with a very limited amount of time. It can be something as small as seeing a random stranger smile that just pushes you to move on it that life. My last life was so close I could feel it as I once again slipped through the Oblivion. I felt nothing, and needed nothing, as I waited for that very last time my feet would touch the Earth once again.


Turns out Emma's friend, Max was the one who got the gun out of the bathroom closet and killed Xavier. Don't ask me how he knew I had a gun in the house, but I'm guessing Rose said something to him. Emma woke up a few hours later, and she was Emma, not Callie. Max was delighted to see her, and was able to cheer her up and get her to go see that movie he and Callie were going to see. I had Callie in my arms for one day, not even. It makes me sad to realize I didn't know it. That I didn't cherish. I hope that she'll find me, soon.

Two Years Later


I wake up to find myself in my original room in Chester, New Hampshire. Yes, I was Callie once again. I looked in my mirror, and found that I had aged into my mid twenties. I had the same brown hair that reached just above my shoulders, and my hazel eyes were the same dull color I always thought they were. I looked around the room. I hate this damn room, I always will. It's nighttime, and I know my parents will be sleeping, so I sneak out. Yes, I did miss my parents, but there were many more important things to be taken care of miles and miles away.

I walked to the closest convenience store I could find and asked to use their phone. When I got it, I dialed a very familiar number, and the voice that answered was Home.


It's been two years, and Callie hasn't shown her face. The kids have grown up too much. Rose is in third grade and is the top of her class. Alice is five and she just started preschool. Kathrine is three and she still loves playing with paper, a trick she learned from Callie. Hunter is a bright eyed two year old who loves to eat anything he can put his hands on. They all remind me of Callie, but I miss Clare. I miss the love we use to share, I miss the way her laugh made her nose crinkle. But Clare was cruel, and it was time to move on. I knew that once Kathrine was born, Clare was going to pack up her bags and leave me and the girls here.

I finally figured out the thing about Clare's heart problem. Clare died when she was pregnant with Kathrine in her sleep. With her heart went her soul. Callie's soul took Clare's broken heart and mended it, making Callie become Clare. It still confuses me a lot, but I think that's what went on. No doctor would ever be able to explain what happened that night.

I sometimes wonder if I should thank Xavier for bringing Callie here with me. But he put Callie through hell, and even if I owe him one, he deserved to die.

Then, one day, everything changed. It was about two o'clock in the morning. I was drinking a beer in the kitchen, like I had been most of those nights. I had been waiting for two years for Callie to come back, and she never did. I was about to give up, one more sip of that beer and I probably would have, but the phone rang. I stood up and stumbled over to it, and put it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said.

"Matthew." Said a woman.

"I'm coming for you." I knew who this was. Callie.


It took him two hours to get to Chester, but when he did, he looked at me and laughed a laugh of relief. I jumped into the car with him, and he kissed my forehead tenderly.

"Callie?" He said to me quietly.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Promise me you will never leave me, and that you will help me raise these kids, and you will love me forever?" He pleaded.

I kissed him on the lips, "I will never leave you, ever again."

And so, that was my last life, and it was the most perfect life I ever lived.