AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: Descriptive Emotions—In Class Work

Approx. Words: 230

DATE: February ?, 2012 (created)

NOTES: One of the very first things we did in class was work on how to "Show Not Tell" scenes. Since I was only going to be putting up fully fleshed out stories, I didn't bother writing down the date on the paper. But, the class ended a few months ago, and when going through my semester's work, I decided, "Eh. Why the hell not?" So, I did doctor up the sentences/images a bit for review. Also, note the mathematical awesomeness. I put an implied back-story into these scenes as a series of flash-fiction narratives of characters involved with each other on the same day (warning—sad).



It was sudden, fleeting; his mouth popped open and his eyes widened considerably before it faded off into a forced poker face.


She sat on the bench, shoulders rounded, staring without blinking at the ground. Her lips trembled minutely, but the tissues in her hands remained unused.


Fists clenched tight to the point where it cut crescent moons into his soft palms. This shock of physicality had him tersely breathing. He decided to remain silent—yet the wrinkled brow screamed more than he realized.

4. Boredom

Her eyes were half-lidded. The elegant heels tapped the ground ever-so-slowly in rhythmic beats. Other than that, she stayed seated, waiting for the family in the viewing room to finish up. She exhaled loudly; glancing at the corded phone like it would ring instantly and give her something else to do.

Delight/ Joy

The kitten's purr was like a motorboat. The whiskers curled in as its mouth elongated in a yawn. The ginger furball was basking in the last remaining rays of the sun. Although cats are known for being generally independent, this one had a tendency to await it's owner's return in the front window (to better see them walk up to the big oak door with a can of Fancy Feast). It was the kitten's honor to wait, but that particular day, the poor animal was wondering what was taking so long…