September 2, 2012

Dear Diary,

Things have been looking up lately when it comes to me working. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. All I have to do for the first few days is shadow someone to learn what to do. Guess what my job is? I am a waitress at a diner. This is my first ever job, so of course I am very nervous. I was also very nervous about how much money I will earn, but it turns out that waitresses actually get a lot of money from tips. I get to work the lunch hour, which means it'll be crowded and I will be making lots of money. I am very excited to finally have a job. This will help me begin paving out the pathway for my life. My ultimate career goal is to become a police officer, so for starters I need to earn money to take the police training course at community college. After working for a few years, maybe joining a program to shadow a cop, and saving up money, I can apply to become a police officer when I am 21, and be set for quite a while in my life. After that, I am not sure what lies ahead of me. Hopefully in my late 20's I can begin settling down and making a family.

Me and my boyfriend are of course having our usual issues. It is very difficult to work things out though, because he is a year younger than me, and is a senior in high school. I'm sure knowing the school schedule, compared to everything else in our lives, you can see why me and him are having issues. I naturally have a lot of trust issues, so me being paranoid of him around others is a bother. And my boyfriend's zodiac sign and mine have natural conflicts with each other. I am a Scorpio, which is the most emotional and meaningful sign, while he is a Gemini, which is known to be free spirited and social. Scorpios don't trust social signs, and Gemini's are known to be two faced. I have seen this two faced thing up close, and I don't like it. My boyfriend literally changes like the weather. In the early year seasons, he is nice and funny, but in the late seasons, which are my favorite, he kind of turns into a jerk. So I am worried about what's to come.

My cat Axel has been up to his usual cuteness. If he thinks that I am awake at night, he'll try to shove his face under the blanket next to me. If I lift it up, he'll crawl under the blanket and cuddle up next to me and purr. It would be cuter, if he didn't try to do that at 3 in the morning. Also he loves to jump on things at night, like on my tables and on my TV. That gets annoying because I am a light sleeper. The tiniest jump, and I'm awake. He has been very cuddly too. If I try to play a game, or read a book, he gets jealous and gets in my way. He gets up in my face purring and lays down in front of whatever I'm doing. I've never had the opportunity to dress up a pet fro Halloween, but this year I am going to buy a Puss in Boots costume for him to wear.

This concludes my 11th entry.

Sincerely, Jess