A/N: So this is the first Jeric story we, the Ship Team, will be posting here. Jeric is a personal ship we have created, comprising of two gay male teachers. So if that isn't your kind of thing, kindly click back and leave.

"Whatcha doing?" Jay perched his head on his boyfriend's shoulder.


"Whatcha marking?"

"Student's work."

"Which class?"

"Which other class would have such shitty work? I swear, this is getting harder by the minute."

"You know what else is getting harder? I'll give you a hint!"

"I've heard that pun too many times."

"But it never get's old!"

"Well it just did. Go take a cold shower or something, ever since you moved in I've been behind on my work!"

Jay frowned and stomped off, muttering about grouchy old men and stupid classes. He sat in the living room, staring thoughtfully into space, when Eric walked out and into the kitchen. Jay stared into the now empty office, a wicked idea suddenly forming in his head.

When Eric re-entered the room, the neat pile of worksheets that he had been marking was gone, and in place was Jay, grinning and wearing nothing except for a piece of paper. "Y'know," he said, " Now that I'm a hard piece of paper, you'll just have to do me on your desk. " Eric's eyes widened, and he grinned back. "Well. I did get a new pen just the other day."