"I am sorry to inform you mam, but... but your daughter... she is." stumbled the Doctor "What is wrong with my daughter? Doctor, what is going on? I need to know!" my mother cries "Your daughter, she is fatally ill." replies the doctor "Well what is it? If she requires major medical attention, I can pay for it." my mother asks "Her condition is very serious, possibly something that all the money in the world can not cure." explains the doctor "What are you talking about? What kind of doctor are you? Are you trying to say that all the money I own can not save my daughter?" my mother shouts "I am sorry, but this is a condition that no medical expert has ever been knowledgeable of. Therefore I can not do anything. No one can do anything. I am sorry." the doctor exclaims My mother cries, alone in the hospital halls. It is mid July, and the day is gloomy overcasterd with clouds. I hear a knock on my room's door. My mother enters slowly, with a worried expression spread over her face. The room is filled with dead silence, a cool peppermint breeze finds it way through the window. "The Doctor has told me that my time will be up sooner or later." I said expressionless My mother sighs, "I am sorry honey, there is nothing we can do. If I could then you know I would in a split second." she replies "Mom... before I leave I do not want anyone to know that I am ill. I want to everyone to last in my memory, with bright smiles." I requested Mom nods, with sparkling tears gently cascading down her porcelain face. I have always wondered what it would be like if one day I am perfectly alive and happy, but the next I would be dead, and many years later everyone would forget the name "Summer Woods".
But I would rather die with rememberance of the good times, then when all of my loved ones are grieving.