The sky has never been so blue

So fake

I contemplate on how to change that

Why blue?

Why not red?

It is now my duty, then

to dye the sky red

Fresh blood splatters on my face

The once silver knife gleams red in the eerie moonlight

Is this how you do it?

I'm only acting on instinct afterall

Where did that bit of the sky go?

The sky…

Was bitten?!

The missing bite is blood red

I am on the right track

Just one more bite

One more life to take

On more piece of sky yet to vanish

My hands are covered in blood

My clothes are splotched with red

My heart is as dark as the night

The last slice of sky is eaten

I expected more red

What happened to the beautiful red hue?

Why is it now black?

Why is a hand reaching from it?

The car-sized hand grabbed and pulled me towards the black sky

I scream and kick and punch

But I just wasted my energy

Exhausted, I await my bleak fate

Did I not make the sky tell the truth?

Did I do something wrong?


The murders

Well nothing is free

The hand drops me in the once again blue sky

It's like a see-through floor

I can see everything in the city below me

The view is nice…

Minus my fear of heights


Why is that boy staring at me in disgust?

Can he actually see me?

Or maybe he's looking at…

The sky…

The sudden pain at my side brings me to notice

That I'm bleeding

My blood covers part of the floor

It looks like a bite mark

A red bite mark…


An evil laugh echoes in the air

More pain…

More blood…

The sky turns redder by the minute





I screamed as I fall from the sky

And just vaguely

I see a hand grab a boy with a crazed look on his face

He silently submits to the black hand

Then I remember I'm still falling

The pavement moves closer…

And I stop in midair

Inches from the ground

Then I drop

Although that incident was years ago, I can't seem to understand why I have a red coloured mark in the shape of a bite on my shoulder which never went away…

I think it's a mark.