A/N: This isn't a fluffy, love story. It isn't that dark either though. So it won't kill you or anything. Also, in case you didn't know, Jeric is a maleXmale pairing. If you don't like it, click that 'back' arrow. Enjoy :-)


Eric winced and ducked his head, trying to block out the terrible insults, but failing miserably. "Can't believe you're really gay, ugh," another voice spat out. "Get the fuck out of here!" someone else screamed. "Shouldn't you be off sucking his dick or something?" This time, Eric didn't even bother trying to defend himself or condemn the use of vulgarity. He tried to enter the class, but was got the door shoved in his face instead. He sighed. News travelled fast, and he was pretty sure that it was only a matter of time before the principal- "Eric. A word please."


He entered the office, palms sweating and eyes darting around nervously. Jay was seated on a sofa, staring at the ground. For once, he didn't have a cocky smile on. "Take a seat," the principal gestured to a chair, but Eric opted to sit on the sofa beside his boyfriend instead. The principal cringed when she saw it and was about to say something, when she snapped her mouth shut. This wasn't her business. "I..I think you know why I called you two here today?" she asked. "I..I..yeah.." The principal cut him off. "There is a rumour going around that…apparently.." the principal swallowed before continuing. "You two were engaging in some…sexual activities…in school?" "It was just a blowjob!" Jay argued back. "Yes, but I believe that..any form of sexual activity, especiallyhomosexual ones, are strictly not allowed?" Eric swallowed and coughed. "What's wrong with homosexuality?" Jay shot at her. "It's…it's not right…and anyway this is a school." "You shouldn't condemn it so much!"

Eric grinned to himself as Jay turned a corner and walked towards the top floor toilets. Oh, this was going to be so much fun.

"I am not condemning it, I'm just saying that it isn't right! Plus, this is a school, not some kind of hotel."

He pulled Jay into the large male toilet. "Whoa…Eric? What's wrong? Wait, what are you doing?!"

Eric winced at her voice. He knew all too well it was his fault, and yet Jay was the one defending them. He really should open his mouth, shouldn't he? Wait, but his eager mouth had gotten them into trouble in the first place.

Eric hooked his finger's around his boyfriend's pants, and pulled it and his underwear down at one go. Before Jay could utter another sound, he was blowing Jay furiously.

"We didn't expect her to just walk in like that! Anyway, it's the male's toilet, and this is an all girls school!"

Jay was groaning and protesting at the same time. "Eric..we..we really shouldn't… What if someone walks in?" Eric paused for a second to say, "The seniors have all gone home. Plus this is a girl's school. And the possibilities of a male teacher coming in is practically NIL."

"Well, it still happened! What do you have to say for yourself, now? Do you imagine how bad our reputation would get if the public found out?

"Plus, do you want me to leave you hanging like this?" Jay growled in defeat. " Shut up and suck," he muttered. Eric grinned and happily continued. And that was when the door opened to reveal a shocked female face.

"They won't find out, just make sure the students keep quiet!"

Eric recognized her almost instantly. She was one of his students. And Jay's too. She froze, and backed out of the toilet slowly. "I...I have to tell…oh god."

"And you think it's that easy to shut students up? Especially the gossipy secondary fours?"

All because of that stupid dare the girl did. They were found out all because of it.

"They will be busy preparing for their exams!"

Eric removed his mouth slowly. Suddenly, Jay didn't feel so excited anymore. More like…sick. "Oh fuck," he whispered.

"You did something wrong, no matter what! Stop trying to make things better by lying!"

"What's going to happen?" Jay asked, eyes wide and scared. "I..I don't know. Let's just act like nothing happened." Jay pulled up his pants shakily, and nodded.

"I'm just trying to justify it!"

Fat hope. Almost the whole school knew by the next day.

Eric shook his head, the memories and images fading slowly. Jay had been talking the whole time and he was getting sick and guilt was pooling in his stomach. "I should have known better than to accept young, inexperienced male teachers! You two are repulsive!" Jay snapped back, hurt clouding his eyes. He had worked his butt off in order for his class to pass the examinations. That remark really stung, and Eric knew it too. "Shut up!" he shouted, standing up. "You have no idea how hard it is to be us, so shut up! Maybe we did something wrong, but there's no need to condemn us!" The principal stood up and raised a hand. " Sit down and keep quiet or-" "No! I don't want to listen to your crap anymore, Jay get up, we're leaving. We're redrawing our contract, it's needs to be renewed anyway. Good fucking riddance." With that, he grabbed Jay's hand and stormed out of the office angrily, leaving the principal standing behind, mouth wide open in shock.

Jay leant against the wall of Eric's home, still stunned at the sudden outburst. "I..I.." he stuttered. " Forget about that stupid school, we'll make it out on our own. Maybe we should try finance." Eric turned around and, for the first time that day, smiled at Jay. A slow grin spread across Jay's face, and he grabbed Eric's hand. "I have an idea," he whispered with a cheeky grin.

A week later, the principal received a video in her email from an anonymous sender. After watching it, she fainted and didn't dare to open her email for days.