This story starts with a guy.

He's a looker, with his dark and dangerous blue eyes which could make any girl fall for him, hard. His brown hair is messy, in the way that girls love.

He's broken many hearts, but not because he likes to. He's a gentleman and it's not his fault that he doesn't share the feelings the girls have for him. He knows better than to lead them on. So really, he's nice.

But he's a guy that prefers a no strings attached relationship, based purely on action and no emotion. Nothing serious, nothing that could leave one of them heartbroken.

It never really works out that way.

All the girls, no matter how strong – they always seem to fall in love after a while. They confess, one by one, and get rejected.

It's not because of their looks, because for him to notice them, they have to be a bit attractive. But he never feels anything for them, anything real.

And then one day, he meets this girl. She's average, a bit of a nerd, with her glasses and her face always behind a book. She's not stunning, no, but there's something that draws him to her.

It's so cliché, the jock and the nerd. The bad boy and the good girl. They fall in love. They go out, become official, build up this strong relationship based on love and trust and mutual affection.

The guy gets threatened, and warned more times than necessary, that he better look after her and the girl doesn't at all, because she's not the type to cheat, or sleep around like him.

They make each other happy, and they love each other so, so much. It's the perfect relationship, so perfect that it almost seems like they'll go to the grave together.

But they don't.

They're like a fairytale, until reality hits.

They have fights, a lot. The girl's so afraid of losing him, she doesn't want to let go of him. She's always asking where did he go, who was he with?

It annoys him so much. He wants to take him by the shoulders and shake her and shout that he would never, ever cheat on her, and that she is the only girl he loves like that, and will be for forever.

But he doesn't.

He tries to be patient, and tells her again and again that she can trust him, and that he loves her, not the others. He says she's being paranoid, that she has nothing to worry about — he's not going to hurt her, ever.

In his head, he feels let down because it's like she doesn't trust him.

One night, when he's alone in his apartment, he hears a knock. When he opens the door, he sees her.

She's wearing a thick coat, and her nose is red and she looks messed up with her hair out in knotted waves, and when she lifts her head he sees that her eyes red from crying.

He lets her in, making her a cup of coffee and asking her what's wrong. She doesn't reply, and just holds him, crying on his shoulder.

When she first speaks, her voice comes out hoarse, and weak, and she asks him if he would ever cheat on him.

He replies with 'never', and is shocked that she still has doubts. Looking over her shoulder as she buries her face in his neck, he can't help but be disappointed.

Why does she still feel the need to ask him those questions?

They never mention the night after that. He tries to bring up the subject, more than once, and asks her what was wrong that day. Why was she crying, please, he wants, needs to know – it hurt him so much to see her like that.

But she always reacts the same way – she looks away from him and replies that nothing was wrong, she was just being silly, and please, can he drop it?

And he always just sighs and nods his head in reply, hugging her and putting his head on her chin.

It's morning when he wakes up, and for some reason, he feels… cold. It's not just because of the empty space beside him on the bed where she'd normally be, or the wind that comes in through the open window. He doesn't know why he feels like this.

He shakes it off and goes back to sleep.

When he wakes up once again, he expects to see her next to him.

She isn't.

Frowning, he checks his phone for any messages, any missed calls, but there aren't any. There's something nagging at him, a feeling he can't shake himself free of.

Something doesn't feel right.

It's been a few days since he's even seen her. He leaves messages, calls her phone so many times, checks with her friends and family.

They tell him she's fine, and have no idea why she's been avoiding him.

The next time he sees her, she's with a guy.

He's handsome, there no denying it. They're holding hands, laughing, walking in the park. He says something which makes her blush, and she looks down at her shoes, smiling and she kisses him. She leans forward, eyes closed, pressing her lips onto his.

When she opens them, she sees him.

He stands there, hands in fists by his side, teeth clenched. He's trying not to feel anything, but his eyes, they give everything away. The pain, the hurt, the anger.

The heartache.

She stares at him with guilt and pity, and he wants to tell her to just go away, and that he doesn't want her goddamn pity. Instead, he stares straight in her eyes, revealing his emotions, then just shakes his head and walks away.

When he tells everyone they broke up, they all ask him questions, disapproving expressions on their faces. His best friend tells him he shouldn't have stuffed it up. The others ask; what did he do? Where is she? Is she alright?

And he loses it, just at that, like never before. He shouts everything that's on his mind and tells them everything – the kiss, the never-returned messages, the heartache.

There's a silence after that, a shocked one. They all start apologizing, but he tells them to save it.

He walks out of there feeling worse than ever.

It's so ironic, he thinks, as he kicks the small twigs on the path. Everyone thought he'd be the cause of the breakup, not her, and admittedly, he could understand their reasons for thinking so.

But instead, she'd been the one who'd betrayed him, turned her back on him. She'd cheated on him for no reason and she'd even dared to accuse him.

He's walking in the park, to clear his mind. The autumn leaves crunch under his shoes, and he pretends for a moment that they're the guy he saw with her.

It helps, a little bit, until reality catches up with him.

She's gone.

And he's still here.


Okay, suckish ending, I know. D:

But, I might write a sequel-oneshot to this. I've had the idea and stuff, so that the guy can get his happy ending, as cliché as that sounds. (: