Some of you believe the world is going to end. Some of you believe it won't. Some of you want it to end. Well guess what. Your wishes came true.

My name is Heather. I am 14. I am one of the last humans in the world. I survived "The Outbreak". Most people who are not undead say I'm lucky. But I've been through so much hell, I might as well be dead. I wish I was dead.

Well, I would be dead if it wasn't for Max, my crush since forever. He's the one who helped me escape school when the zombies first attacked. He got me, along with my twin sister Mackenzie, and younger sister Riley, my best friends and classmates, Aaron, Elizabeth, and Kenzie, out safely. Oh, and Riley managed to save Brooks and Brad, who are her age.

Since Mackenzie and I are the oldest, we are also the ones responsible for the group. And let me tell you, it's damn hard. We only have five guns, so only Mackenzie, Aaron, Max, Kenzie, and I get to use them. We have a plan where we have a buddy system, so a person with a gun is paired up with someone who doesn't have a gun. I'm with Riley, Mackenzie's with Elizabeth, Aaron and Kenzie are with Brooks, and Max is with Brad. Surprisingly, we're fine on ammo. For now.

Food and water are also a huge issue. We only have some bread that's probably stale. Our camp is near a grocery store, but getting there is a risk. Max almost got bit on a food run the other day. As for water, we all have a water bottle, but none of the faucets in our hideout are working. There's a river about a half mile from the building we're staying in, which is a movie theater, but again, dangerous to get there.

So yeah. That's a little info for you. But if you are reading this, congratulations. You survived "The Outbreak" and hopefully we will too. All of us.

But that's unlikely.

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