"What?" I asked befuddled, my eyes widen.

"You. Are. Not. Coming. With. Us." Kenzie repeats, slowly, and snarky.

"Why?" I ask, crossing my arms.

"Because you almost got us killed!" Kenzie shouts. "You didn't shoot Alex, and he turned. If none of us had any weapons or anything, we'd all be dead!"

"I apologized! It was a mistake!" I shout back, trying to contain the tears.

"Hurry up!" The boy in the helicopter shouts. Kenzie moves, and let's Brad, Brooks, and Elizabeth up the ladder.

"Kenzie, come on, just let me on! I'll die out here!" I try to push past her, but she grabs me by my hair.

"No! Max, Mackenzie, get Riley in the helicopter. We're leaving her." Kenzie says, dead serious. I can not believe she is doing this. I..I just can't.

"Kenzie, please let Heather onto the helicopter." Riley cries, as Mackenzie pulls her up the ladder. I look up at Riley, her eyes wide. I recognize the expression on her face. It means she's scared, or worried. About me.

"Mackenzie, get Riley into the helicopter." Kenzie yells over the loud blades of the helicopter. Mackenzie nods, not making eye contact with me. I can't believe her….my own sister….my own twin!

"I have nothing! You can't leave me here!" I shout, feeling a tear fall out. "Please. Please let me on the helicopter." Kenzie turns, and looks up in the helicopter. She sighs and I can see her eyes roll.

"Whatever. Just get in." She begins climbing the ladder. "We'll deal with you later." She mumbles under her breath as I grab onto the ladder. When I get up into the helicopter, Max makes his way up with Ben in his arms. When they get up safely, the older boy helps me pull the ladder up. We close the door and the other boy flies away from the theater.

"My name's Matt." The older boy smiles. "And this is my older brother, Jake." The boy driving the helicopter nods.

"I'm Kenzie. This is Elizabeth, Brad, Brooks, Max, Riley, Mackenzie, and Heather." Kenzie says, shaking Matt's hand.

"Wow, y'all got a small group." Matt raises his eyebrow. "How did you survive down there for so long?"

"We had more…." I mumble loud enough for Matt to hear. Kenzie shoots me a look, and turns back to Matt.

"So, where are we headed?" Kenzie asks.

"To the military base." Jake says from the front. "Our father was in the military, and they've got the place fortified. We've been looking for survivors."

"Military base?" I ask. Matt nods.

"Yeah, it's secure. Guns, ammo, food, it's great." He adds. He cocks his head to the side when he sees my pisto-Kenzie's pistol in her belt. He sighs, and heads to the front with his brother. I look at Kenzie, to see if she noticed that, but I can tell she didn't. She sits in a seat, and crosses her arms, looking at me.

"Alright, Heather, listen" Her tone is urgent, crucial.

"You pulled a dumb ass stunt down on the roof, with Alex. But I'm willing to give-" Kenzie is interrupted by the static of radio in the front.

"Jake, Matt, where the hell are you?!" A scratchy, deep voice comes in on the radio. Jake grabs the microphone.

"We're headed back to the base. We have eight survivors, and a dog. Over." Kenzie stays quiet, obviously interested in Jake's conversation.

"What are they?" The man asks. What are they? What the hell does he mean by that?

"Five girls, three boys. Over." Jake replies.


"Four of the girls are 15-16. The younger girl is about 13. As for the boys, the older one is 15-16, the younger two are about 13."

"Ok. Great.

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