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Chapter Ten

Sam and I were walking together, Toby and Tony on leashes beside us. We had just started the walk and were rounding the corner away from our block.

"So your mum is gonna tell my family today?" she inquired.

"That's what she told me," I said. "Hopefully she won't back out."

"Nah I'm sure she won't," Sam said as we stopped as Tony lifted his leg to do his business. "It's time she started telling her friends anyways."

"Yeah," I said as we resumed walking, Toby running forward, tugging on the leash. "You know, she still hasn't told Mr Mathews."

"Well, if I was impregnated by my boss, I would be quite hesitant to tell him," she shrugged.

"She's gonna start showing soon. She should get it over with," I said. "Like, who knows, maybe he'll support her through it. How can she be so sure that he wouldn't care for the baby?"

"Maybe that's why she's so hesitant," Sam said thoughtfully. "She wants to prolong the hope she has that he'll support her and all that stuff. She's afraid that he won't, and she doesn't want her hopes to get crushed yet."

"Isn't it like ripping off a band aid? Just get it over with really quick. There's no point holding onto hope, just tell him and let the outcome be what it is."

Sam shrugged.

"This single mother thing she's going to may even be useless," I went on. "From the times I've met Mr Mathews, he's seemed really nice. And maybe he genuinely does like my mum and he'll stay with her."

"Just give her time Tay," Sam said not unkindly.

We continued walking, our conversation taking a lighter turn.

We were now four blocks over from our houses and we stopped this time for Toby to do his business in a bush.

"Tay!" Sam cried, laughing. I looked up at her, to see her pointing behind me; I turned around, a little baggie in hand, and located what she was laughing at.

Climbing out of a window of a two storey house nearby was a male figure. And entering the driveway on the opposite side of the house was a car.

"Oh my god," I giggled as I watched the figure hurriedly climb onto the slanting roof, balancing precariously. The car doors opened and out walked an older man and woman.

"It must be the parents," Sam laughed. We watched as he carefully jumped onto the wall fencing around the house. The parents had now entered the house.

He jumped from the wall onto the ground and landed into a crouch. He straightened up, just as a teenaged girl appeared at the window. Her blonde hair was tousled and her shirt was buttoned up wrong.

"That's Mandy Parker," Sam noted.

The haggard girl drew his attention and tossed what seemed to be a hoodie at him. He caught it mid-air; she blew a quick kiss at him which he didn't return, and slammed the window shut.

Sam and I were watching with utmost interest, as our dogs ran around our legs.

The boy pulled on his hoodie and turned this way. Grabbing Sam, I quickly dove for cover behind a parked car. We peered out over the side.

"Oh my god, Tay," Sam gasped, "That's-"

"Logan," I completed, astonished.

He hadn't seen us, but jogged away from the house and turned the corner.

What were the chances?

What were the chances that Logan decided to go into that girl's house? What were the chances that Sam and I decided to take our dogs out at that time? What were the chances that we walked that way?

I had just stepped inside my house and shut the door behind myself. I crouched as I unhooked the leash from Toby's collar; he immediately scrambled away.

I made my way towards the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water as Toby enthusiastically slurped from his own water bowl.

I just stepped out of the kitchen when I heard a retching sound.

That could only mean one thing. Mum was home.

I sat on the bottom step of the stairs as I waited.

The door to the bathroom beside the stairs opened and my mum walked out, her face was pale and she looked completely haggard.

I held up the glass of water in my hands to her, she took it gratefully and glugged it down.

"Did you tell Mr and Mrs Watson?" I asked as she sat down on the step beside me.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Believe it or not, Frank and Christine took it quite well."

"See, I told you people won't act like it's the end of the world or something."

"Yeah," she drained the glass. "Christine gave me this pregnancy book too." We were silent for a while.

"So mum," I turned to her. "When're you gonna tell Mr Mathews? Or shall I say, the father of the baby?"

"I should do that soon huh?"

"Yeah you should."

"I just have no idea how to," she complained.

"I don't know, maybe talk to one of your advisors about it at your meeting tomorrow?"

"Gosh, good idea!" she nodded.

We sat in silence for a while again.

"So Emily will be coming over this weekend," she reported casually. My eyes widened and a smile stretched across my face instantly.

"Aunt Em?" I shrieked. My mother smiled too.

"I told her this morning," she laughed. "She lectured me, of course. Then she said she'll come over this weekend."

I was buzzing with excitement. It had been over a month since I last saw Aunt Em. She lived all the way across the country, having transferred to a big law firm there last year, and it was awfully hard for her to find time to come all the way over here.

"I can't wait!" I exclaimed, "I've missed her so much!"

My mum smiled, opened her mouth to say something, and then suddenly brought her hand up to her mouth. Groaning, she bolted up and sprinted to the bathroom.

Making a face, I climbed up the stairs, eager to get away from the noises.

As I turned into our street afterschool on Friday, I shrieked in my seat as I saw the sleek, black Mercedes parked in front of our house.

"Your Aunt Em is here!" Sam exclaimed as she noticed the car. I already told all my friends about her coming to visit, they knew how much she meant to me and they actually liked her too.

I grinned as I pulled into my driveway and slid into the open garage beside my mum's car. "You coming in?"

"Nah," Sam shook her head as she picked up her bag, "I'll say hi later. Let you guys have some family time."

I didn't bother closing the garage gate after Sam; I was already in through the kitchen door.

"I'm home," I sang as I dropped my bag beside the door. I hurried out of the kitchen, and nearly crashed into Aunt Em who was walking towards me.

"Tay!" She cried as I wrapped my arms around her slim figure. "Gosh I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," I cried as I pulled away, a smile still etched on my face. She held me at arm's length, smiling. She appraised me.

"You've gotten prettier haven't you?" she mused. My mother had now come out of the living room and was standing beside us. "Nat, you better buy her a swatter or something to keep the boys away."

Both my mum and I laughed. "I look exactly the same as I did last month Aunt Em," I said, "And there are no boys anywhere near me...sadly."

She narrowed her eyes, "You've gotten skinnier. Have you gone on one of those silly diets?"

My mum snorted as she laughed. "Silly diets? Aunt Em, you're always on some diet!"

"Yes, well I'm bordering on forty-"

"Forty-three," my mum coughed. I grinned as Aunt Em smacked her on the head swiftly.

"Hey! Don't hurt the pregnant lady!" she cried as she rubbed her head.

I laughed as Aunt Em rolled her eyes.

"Come on," she took my arm and led me to the living room, "we have a lot to talk." My mother trailed after us, still complaining good naturedly.

The weekend with Aunt Em was great, but it was now Sunday evening and she had to leave.

"I'll visit you guys as much as I can," she assured as she hugged me one more time. "I'll try to come at least every other week," she hugged my mum now and they held onto each other for a while. "Don't worry little sis," I heard her say, "I'm here for you no matter."

When they pulled away, my mum had tears in her eyes. "I am so lucky to have you two," she said softly as she looked from Aunt Em to me.

Aunt Em smiled back at her, her eyes kind, and then suddenly, "Yeah, yeah," she waved a hand as she shouldered her hand bag. "Enough cheese."

We both spluttered laughing at her sudden casual aura. She made to pick up her travel bag, but I beat her to it.

"I'm fine carrying it," she said, making to take it for me.

"Nope, I'm carrying this," I argued, my gaze steady. Aunt Em raised her perfect eyebrows.

"I swear," she turned to my mum, "When did this kid get so controlling and stubborn?"

"I have no clue," my mum mock complained as I rolled my eyes. She opened the door, and I stepped outside with the bag in my hand, Aunt Em and her following behind me.

Carefully, I opened the trunk of the expensive rental car, not wanting to even scratch it. Placing the bag inside, I closed it just as carefully and turned around to see the sisters in another embrace. Aunt Em turned to me and enveloped me yet again.

"Tay," she said as we broke apart, her face serious again. "You're in your last year of high school; I want exceptional grades from you. I didn't make a joint college fund with your mum for you for no reason."

"Yes ma'am," I grinned, taking it lightly. She appraised me for a moment, nodded and climbed into the driver's seat. I stepped away from the car to stand next to my mum.

She wrapped an arm around my shoulder as we watched Aunt Em drive away.

It was early Tuesday night and I had already changed into my matching Barbie pyjamas that were a joke gift from Jazmyn for my seventeenth birthday.

I was laying on my bed, spread eagled on the cover with Toby on my chest again. It was still eight and was far too early to sleep.

"Toby," I breathed and his face appeared over mine. His breath washed over me as he panted on my face. "Someone needs to brush their teeth," I wrinkled my nose as I playfully shoved him away.

He turned around and laid his head on my belly, his bottom facing my face.

His tail wagged around slowly, and that's when the smell came.

"Toby!" I screeched as I bolted up. He gracefully hopped off of me and landed on the bed. He looked up at me with his innocent brown eyes. "You farted!"

He rolled over; his legs up in the air, asking for a belly rub.

"Mum," I yelled as I sprinted out of my room. She was down in the living room when I last saw her. I trudged down the stairs and turned into the living room, "Mum! Toby farted on my face!"

My mum burst out laughing, and she was joined in by… Rebecca.

"Tay, is your life a comedy show or something?" Rebecca breathed as she wiped her eye. When did she get here?

My eyes widened in horror as I noted Logan on the armchair, his legs crossed again in that man way again, his hoodie strings in his hands.

My face flamed, my eyes went down to my baby pink pyjamas.

Keep calm, I thought to myself, who cares about him and that judgemental gleam in his eyes.

"Did you feed him that dog food that makes him gassy?" I asked, keeping my voice normal, my eyes on my mum.

"Guilty," my mum said, "Oops."

"Mum," I whined.

"But he likes it so much!"

I sighed as Rebecca laughed.

"I'm gonna throw it out tomorrow…" I let my voice trail off, I had nothing else to say, nothing else to do and I didn't think I could keep calm for much longer; I wanted to leave, "Well then, I'll be leaving…" I said slowly, practically feeling Logan's judgemental stare.

"Stay, won't you?" Rebecca asked. I laughed airily, trying to keep calm despite the turmoil of utter embarrassment going on inside my head.

"I'm not exactly dressed for company," I managed a smile, "I was planning on having an early night."

"Oh, alright then, good night," Rebecca smiled. My mum blew me a kiss, and finally, gratefully, I left the room.

I felt like throwing up. Why do I always find myself in these embarrassing situations?

I shut my bedroom door behind me, glared at the relaxing beagle on my bed and pushed open my bedroom window. I grabbed a pen clip from my desk and lobbed it at Sam's window.

I climbed out on the windowsill and waited.

"What?" Sam asked as she opened her window.

"Guess who decided to make a sudden late-night appearance at my house?"

Sam raised her eyebrows questioningly as she sat on her windowsill, picking up the pen clip beside her.

"Rebecca and her fucking son."

Sam's face lit up, "Don't tell me you went down there in that?"

"Yes, yes I did. Along with complains about my dog farting on my face," I cried.

Sam guffawed, doubling over. "Fucking hell Tay," she breathed straightening up, "Why do they always see you at your worst?"

"I don't even know," I groaned, "what kind of… justice is this?"

Sam cackled.

"I see him leaving a house after doing the dirty, and he sees me fall on my face and then in my Barbie PJs," I complained as I crossed my legs underneath myself.

"At least you didn't go bitch on him this time," Sam shrugged, smirking.

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