Chapter Nine

I pulled up in front of Rebecca's house and waited expectantly for my mum to get out. When she didn't, I looked around at her.

"Aren't you turning off the car?" she asked, her eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm not staying."


"Brix is expecting me," I replied. I called him earlier and we agreed to meet at his house.

"At least come in for a while!" she pressed. "It's rude not to."

I sighed, my mum stared me down. "Fine," I finally agreed, giving up. "Just for a bit."

"Good girl," she said triumphantly and she climbed out of the car.

"I'm not a dog," I muttered. I turned off the ignition and followed after her.

My mum rang the doorbell this time, and the door flew open almost immediately.

"Hey!" Rebecca cried as we stepped inside.

We ventured into the living room once again.

I looked around hesitantly; there was no sign of Logan, except for the pair of black Vans shoes beside the door, which were clearly too big for Rebecca.

Weirdly enough, now that I was with Rebecca, I wasn't too embarrassed. She acted perfectly normal and gave me no reason to stay embarrassed.

"I was thinking, we should join one of those pregnant lady yoga class things," Rebecca suggested about fifteen minutes into the conversation.

"Oh that sounds fun!" my mum enthused. "But will we be able to fit it in with work?"

I waited impatiently as they finished with this topic and then finally spoke.

"Becca," I said, she had called me out so many times on calling her Rebecca that I decided to just stick with 'Becca'. "I'm sorry, but I've gotta leave now. I have a friend waiting for me."

"Oh, yes, alright," she smiled. "You want me to walk you out?" She made to rise, but I waved her offer away as I rose myself.

"I'm sure I can manage," I smiled back at her, and then I looked at my mum. "Will you call me when you want me to pick you up?"

"I'll drop her off later," Becca intervened.

"Are you sure?" my mum asked.

"It's no trouble for me to pick her up," I said at the same time. Rebecca shook her head.

"We're gonna go out looking for some maternity clothes anyways, "Becca said.

"You're sure it's alright?" my mum continued.


"Well, alright then," I said tugging on my ponytail. "I'll see you later then."

"Drive safe," my mother called after me. I walked away as they launched into a conversation about clothes shopping.

I closed the door behind me and jogged down the steps, pulling out my car keys from my pocket while doing so.

I was walking down the pathway when another car came to a stop behind my own. I glanced at that direction just as the driver climbed out.

My mouth dropped open along with my keys as I recognized the driver.

It was Liam.

He hadn't seen me yet… He was talking to someone on his phone. I glanced around hurriedly, searching for something to hide behind, my only option seemed to be my car, but that would mean heading towards him.

Just as I came to this conclusion he started making his way towards the house and saw me. His lips stretched into a smile as recognition crossed his face.

"Well," he beamed as he walked towards me. "If it isn't Tay, the disappearing waitress!"

My mind started working at full speed trying to come up with something to say. "Uh yeah… I had a killer headache," I lied.

"Aw," he said as he came to a stop in front of me. "I hope you're feeling better now." And his smile looked really quite genuine.

I felt my stomach flutter nervously and I suddenly felt self-conscious in my tank top.

He looked around. "What're you doing here, outside Logan's house anyways?" he quirked his eyebrows.

"Oh," I said tugging at my ponytail, "My mum's friends with his mum."

He nodded; his eyes once again looking at me in the way that made me feel uneasy.

"Are those your keys?" he asked, pointing at my feet.

"Shit, yeah," I said, I bent over to pick them up and he bent at the same time. Our heads nearly collided, but I stopped just in time. Our faces were now inches apart, both of us crouched on the ground.

"Your keys," he breathed, his breath tickling my face. My heart jumped.

"What the bloody fuck is going on here?"

We sprang up and turned to see Logan standing at the steps of the porch, his eyebrows raised.

"She dropped her keys," Liam jiggled the said keys, he was talking to Logan, but he was smiling at me.

"For fuck's sake," I heard Logan mutter under his breath as he walked towards us.

"Thank you," I mumbled as I hesitantly took my keys from him. He let his fingers brush mine on purpose and I didn't know what to feel about it.

I knew for a fact that I wasn't exactly comfortable though.

"How come you didn't tell me that you knew her yesterday?" Liam inquired as Logan came and stood in the area between us, we were now standing in a triangle. I hesitantly looked at Logan to see how he reacted to this.

"I guess I didn't recognize her?" he said, and my jaw nearly dropped again. Why was he lying to his friend?

"Oh," Liam said, not looking exactly convinced.

"We haven't known each other too long…" I offered.

"Wait a minute!" Liam cried suddenly. "Is this the new chick?"

I pretended like I didn't know what he was talking about, I didn't want to give away the fact that I had eavesdropped on them.

"Yes Liam, this is the daughter of my mother's pregnant friend," Logan said carelessly as he stuffed one hand in the pocket of his jeans. I offered a small smile.

If I was uncomfortable before, what do I call what I was feeling now?

"But how could you forget a face like this?" Liam smiled as he looked at me again.

I did not like this. I was not used to it and did not like it.

"I don't know…" Logan mused, "Kind of a plain, normal face isn't it?" He chewed on his lip ring.

The rush of blood to my face came immediately, but this time, with it, came anger. I glared at him.

"I recognized you though, Logan," I snapped, "There isn't anyone in this world that has less facial expressions than you. The only way I could've not recognized you is if the world was full of robots."

He raised his eyebrows, he looked taken aback. Well, there's one of those rare expressions, I thought harshly.

"If you'll excuse me," I talked to Liam now, not giving Logan a chance to respond, "I have a friend waiting for me."

With that, I stalked off towards my car, pressing down the button to unlock the door with more force than necessary.

"Logan you ass," I heard Liam say as I walked away.

"How am I an ass for telling the truth?" he shot back.

I couldn't get away from here fast enough.

"I swear to god," Liam muttered.

I didn't hear anymore as I climbed into my car, and still seeing red, I pulled away.

I glanced back in my side mirror; they were walking towards Liam's car, talking.

I wanted to punch him.

Brixton guffawed as I finished recounting the events of earlier this day at the Cole house to him. I was on the couch beside him in the TV room in his house.

"Taier Joyce yelled at someone?" he exclaimed, bewildered.

"Hey," I said defensively, "I do get mad at people sometimes…"

"Yeah, like once a year," he laughed, "I can't believe you called him an emotionless robot."

"Expressionless robot," I corrected. Brixton cackled. "He did ask for it…" I continued feeling slightly bad.

Brixton sobered up, "Yeah he did," he nodded vigorously, setting his brown curls bouncing, "I can't believe he called you 'plain-faced'!"

"That's basically calling me ugly!"

"Not really," he cocked his head, "if you were ugly you'd be registered in his mind as ugly…"

"Whatever," I said exasperatedly. "But he lied!"

"Yeah, you're not plain-faced Tay, you're beautiful," he said supportively. I shook my head as I made a face at him.

"Not that part, I don't have the most spectacular face anyways," I said, "I'm talking about the part about not recognizing me. He did!"


"Yeah, he even said 'oh' and I could see it on his face that he recognized me," I rushed. I was angry again. "Sure you can pretend to not know me, I did the same thing. But why the hell would you lie directly to your friends when the subject was called on?"

"Maybe he doesn't like… I don't know, confrontations?"

"Whatever," I sighed as I stretched my legs out in front of me. "But he pissed me off."

"Ugh, asshole," he patted my arm comfortingly. I leaned into him. "So this Liam…"

"Typical playboy character, I assume," I shrugged.

"Any plans to, you know, get with him," he sang the last part as he did a little dance. I shoved him away.

"No," I said aghast.

"What?" he continued defensively. "You never had a rebound after Jared!"

"I don't need a rebound," I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Oh wait, you did have a bit of a rebound," he cried, suddenly remembering. I buried my face in my hands, knowing what was coming. "That dude you made out with when we went to the beach that weekend!"

"Ian," I offered the name, "He was hot," I mumbled defensively, looking up at Brix.

"Yes, yes he was," he grinned at the thought. I pulled my legs up and turned to face Brix, wrapping my arms around my knees.

"Like the day I went to dinner," I continued, "this Liam was out picking up women… god knows from where. I heard him talking about it."

"You didn't catch his last name did you? I want to search for him on Facebook," I shook my head.

"He has that whole charming thing going on though," I continued, "Like, before I catch myself, sometimes I feel my heart being all… you know."

"Alright," Brix scooted closer to me and looked at me over my knees. "Next time he tries something, just make it clear you're not interested."

"You know I'm not good with these things," I groaned as I rested my chin on my knees. "I have no experience with these things!"

"It's easy enough," Brix said reassuringly, "you can ask Sam for help if you want to do it in the bitchy way." I laughed; Sam was never nice when letting boys down.

"I don't like this," I moaned.

"It's hard being beautiful," Brix teased. I rolled my eyes at him.

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