What can you do with a nectarine?

"What you listenin' to?"


We were sat on his parents terrace, hiding from the sun and he'd been ignoring me for a good thirty minutes. I could be doing other things. Better things... Like finding someone that would suck me off. Lucas was laid flat on his back, a cushion shoved under his head, earphones shoved in so well that I was surprised he could hear me.

"What stuff?" You couldn't just call music 'stuff'. It wasn't right.

When he opened one eye, squinted at me and gestured for me to move to him I shuffled sideways and laid down. I pressed the earphone given to me into my ear nearest to him and waited. Whatever he was listening to I'd never heard before or even knew he was interested in. The bass was heavy, dirty... The type of thing I liked to wank to.

"What the fuck?" I frowned at him, wondering if he'd been given a new personality and suddenly we had something in common.

"I like it. Shut the fuck up and listen or piss off."

I could lay next to him and listen to music that got me hard in public... Sure. No harm in that. It was him that next broke the silence, however, forcing me to creep out of my daydreams and give him a sideways glance.

"What did you say?" I was betting it was nothing like what he said in my head.

"I said I'm hungry. Do you want anything?"

"I'm good." I shook my head. "Should be heading home soon anyway so I'll wait until I get back there to eat."

"Sure, momma's boy." I watched him get up, kicking lightly at one of his feet as he walked by, catching him muttering that I was a dick.

At first I wasn't aware that he had returned, dazed by the music, mouth open, eyes closed. He snatched out one side, leaving the music pounding into my left ear. Laying himself down, I watched him settle again, sorting the pillow out. He'd got himself a nectarine, smooth as he ran his thumbs over it, checking for ripeness. Since when did he eat fruit?

He closed his eyes, blissful as he bit into the nectarine for the first time, juice beading up around his lips and oozing out in large droplets. Chewing, slow and steady, he swallowed and opened his eyes just a little, tongue passing over the skin of the fruit, catching up the syrupy liquid.

He licked his lips.

I swallowed, hard.

His eyes were fully closed again as the song changed and he made a soft sound of approval but his attention was back on the fruit held in his fingers.

As he worked his way around juice seeped down each finger, building up for a moment before streaking, sticky, down the outside of his hand and around his wrist. I groaned but he couldn't hear me. Either that, or he didn't care enough to acknowledge the sound.

I wondered if he would notice other things.

Rolling on to my side to face him, making sure not to tug on the wire connecting us, I put my face close to his hand, waiting for him to take another bite and get down to chewing. Starting from his wrist, I ran my tongue over a deliciously sweet trail of juice, able to taste him beneath it. Without pause I worked up the back of his hand and between his fingers. A grunt and shuffle made me stop and look at him.

"You could have asked if you wanted a taste..." He stared up at me, not moving. "... I don't mind."

All I needed.

I lapped between his fingers and, when he turned his wrist, over the palm of his hand. He moaned again and I saw his other hand passing me by, moving to his shorts, ending up stuffed inside them, moving fast. By the time I reached his fingertips I could hear his panting breaths in my free ear, making me smile.

"Leave it. You can taste more elsewhere."

I looked down at him, missing the remains of the nectarine being hurled to the far end of the terrace.

Without bothering to double check the street my hand went down to keep his company, shifting it out of the way and taking a hold of his dick, already slick with a mix of sweet juice and precome. With his hand going to his balls he snorted at me, expecting something more.

"You had enough of me plus nectarine?"


I bent down over him, my hand keeping up with his previous pace as I ran the tip of my tongue over his lips. He closed his eyes, relaxing into me and I took advantage, pushing through his lips and going in search of his tongue.

So sweet. So wet. So delicious.


"Mm?" I opened one eye to find his brows furrowed together, eyes squeezed shut, his whole body moving slightly as my fist pumped him hard.

Kissing him one last time on the lips I got on my knees and turned, moving his shorts just enough to get him in my mouth, fingers moving down to hold him steady. As I increased suction slowly, my tongue grazing over the head, I heard his faint words of encouragement and finally felt sticky, sticky fingers in my hair. When he came I couldn't help but grin, feeling the pressure on my skull from his fingers since he was having to hold in his usual yells. From all the nectarines he'd eaten during the summer I was surprised he didn't taste of them entirely. Wow. Think about how great it would be if come could taste of perfectly ripe nectarines.

I'd just tucked him back in his pants and kissed him again when his mother wandered out in an apron, hands on her hips.

"We're out of fruit again, Lucas! I know I told you it's good for you but god damn, you're costing me a fortune!" She stomped over and picked up the remains of the nectarine, heading back inside. "And drink more. You look too hot and sticky, boys."

I laid back down beside Lucas and rolled my eyes when he yelled after her.

"Buy more nectarines, ma!"

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