Isabel runs through the forest, lifting her dress off the ground as she does it. Her once beautiful dress is now stained in dirt as a result of her trek. The woods surround her, almost as if it were entrapping her like a maze. The darkness of nighttime dims downs her sense of direction, albeit making her unsure of where she's going or where she plans to go.

None of this matters to her though. All she wants is to escape her pursuer. She gasps and stops to catch her breath. Isabel leans on a tree before turning around to see how far her assailant if from her. Since it is dusk, all Isabel can see of her quarry is a silhouette of a figure wearing a cloak and hood riding a horse.

Despite having the advantage of being farther in the woods as well as the darkness blinding him just as much as her, Isabel knows that the chances of her escaping couldn't have been lower. Each second her antagonist gets closer and closer to her.

With that, she continues running, practically stumbling through the woods as she does so. As Isabel continues running, she feels her foot step on something. She then loses her balance and falls on her face.

Isabel gets her face out of the dirt. Her face is now covered filth but she knows that she has no time to complain over this. She turns over onto her rear and sits up. Isabel then whips out her dagger. Why didn't I just do this sooner? Isabel thinks to herself as she begins cutting her dress to be shorter.

With no more time to lose, Isabel, after cutting the dress down to a substantial length, gets up and continues down her wayward. With her dress gone, Isabel feels a sense of freedom in her legs that she has never felt before. Using her newfound mobility, Isabel sprints through the forest, feeling as if she's floating as she's doing this.

She turns around to see how far the horseman is. She barely gets a glimpse of him before she trips on a root and falls down. When she lands, she skins her knee. Since this has never happened to her before, the pain burns her like a hot iron would.

She wants to stop and tend to her wound but she realizes that there is no time for this and continues fleeing. She has not run for an hour when she feels a sharp pain in her side. She stops running and places her hand on it. She realizes that this is a cramp and she can't run anymore.

As she stands there, trying to figure out what to do, she hears the trotting of the horse as it draws nearer to her. Although the horse isn't close enough to be seen, the fact that she can still hear it alarms Isabel. She immediately starts thinking of ways to escape without having to run.

Only one idea comes to mind. Isabel looks up at one of the trees next to her. This is the only way. She takes a gulp before grabbing one of the branches and trying to use it to elevate herself onto the tree. The branch breaks and Isabel once again finds herself on her back.

She sits up and looks at the tree, discouraged. She considers walking away and hiding someplace else but she decides against it and gets up to try again. She grabs another branch but this time places her feet against the tree and uses all four of her limbs to climb up a few feet. She sits on a long and thick branch and uses the surrounding leaves to hide herself.

As she waits, she hears the horse as it comes closer to her. She looks to her left and sees the man and his horse coming down the trail. The man stops the horse. He looks over at the fallen branch and then elevates his eyes and head to the tree.

Isabel looks at him. She is able to see the man's eyes through the hood. The man's eyes look like a snakes and are red. For a second she thinks that the man sees her as it appears that his eyes are gazing upon her. Much to her relief, the man moves on, leaving her to think of what to do next.

After the man can't be seen anymore, Isabel attempts to climb down from the tree but instead trips and falls head first.

Her arm absorbs most of the fall, becoming dislocated in the process. Despite this, her face is nicked though, receiving a broken nose. Isabel uses her unharmed arm to sit up. Blood drips from her nose onto the ground. All this pain is overwhelming to her but she has to keep fighting.

She looks over and sees that the man heard her fall and his horse is now galloping toward her. Frightened, Isabel slowly climbs her feet and begins running away. As she runs, her eyes scan through the woods, desperately trying to find somewhere to hide. To her chagrin, there is nothing.

As she continues through the woods, she hears the horse getting closer and closer to her by the second. Isabel then notices a creek in front of her. At first she ponders on if she's imagining it or not, thinking that it is too good to be true. Once she realizes that it is real, she charges at the river.

Isabel jumps into it and is greeted by the ice cold water. Seconds after she jumps in, a current grabs her and pulls her away from where the horseman stands alongside the creek. As she is moved away, she stares at the man's face. His eyes, that are once again visible, stare at her, intensely.

Isabel soon starts to sink. Water enters her mouth as she attempts to breath. She treads water and gets herself back up to the surface. Isabel now becomes preoccupied with trying to stay afloat. Isabel attempts to swim but she had used up most of her energy while running. She looks around, splashing through water for something to save her but it becomes hopeless to her.

Suddenly a sharp pain enters her leg. Blood seeps out. Screaming in pain, Isabel looks around and sees that it was rocks that did that. She crashes into another rock, this time it being her bad arm taking the hit. A big cut is gashed into it as a result.

Isabel turns around to face the direction that the current is pulling her. She reaches out and grabs the next rock that she is pulled towards. She uses the last bit of her strength to get herself completely out of the water and onto the rock. With the remainder of her energy gone, Isabel passes out.

Sometime later, Isabel wakes up. Isabel is freezing from the extremely cold water. She shivers as she struggles to her feet. She looks over at the shore. It is six feet away from the rock that she is standing on.

She slowly steps back on the rock, careful to not slip into the water. She then runs and leaps off of the rock. Her body hits the edge of the elevated shore. She grabs onto the shore ground, causing her to dangle over the water. She screams in agony as a result. With no other choice, she uses her good arm and her tired legs to climb onto the top.

Once on there, she rolls over onto her back. She breathes heavily. She is still incredibly cold. Isabel gets to her feet and walks into the woods. She places her hand on her bleeding arm, trying to smother the bleeding.

As she ventures forward, she tries seeing if the horseman is still in pursuit of her. He is nowhere in sight. She sighs with relief and advances through the forest.

A cawing of a bird is heard from behind. Immediately, Isabel turns around to see what it is. To her delight, it is merely a crow. This delight fades away though when she looks at the crows eyes. The eyes are red just like the man's. As Isabel backs away, the crow's eyes follow her. The man must be using the crow to find me! To spy on me!

Without a second thought, Isabel takes off running at a speed only matched by earlier that night. She doesn't get too far before she hears horse trotting not too far behind her. If Isabel could run faster then she would but right now she is tiring down once again.

Minutes later, she feels as if she can run no more so she slows down before finally stopping to rest. She spins around; the man is catching up with her and is doing it fast. Isabel then faces forward again and sees a small castle ahead of her.

Left with no other choice, Isabel takes off again, towards the castle. She reaches the castle, crashing into the double front doors as she does so. The force of this knocks her down. Quickly climbing to her feet, she starts loudly knocking on the front door. "Let me in! Let me in!" She also screams.

When the door is not opened she continues this. As she does it, she also occasionally glances back to see her antagonist getting closer and closer to her.

A sick feeling enters her as she continues to bang on the door. She soon starts to cry and her knocks get weaker and weaker as they happen. Eventually she stops knocking and just lays down crying, having succumbed to her fear and the pain that she had received from this night. Soon after, she loses consciousness again.