Amadeus, Cyril, Peter, Thomas, and Michael continue riding their horses up the mountain. They are not going to let Ethelred and Isabel escape. They will catch them, no matter what it will take.

They continue riding until night fall. They have had no luck catching them. As soon as they reach a flat landscape, they make camp. They tie their horses to trees and make a camp fire. Once the camp fire is complete they all sit around it.

Amadeus, sitting between Cyril and Peter, remains silent, staring into the crackling fire.

"I know that you were going to let her get away, Amadeus," Cyril says.

"No I was not," Amadeus argues, his trance now being broken.

"Yes you were. I could see it in your eyes. You sympathized with that witch," Cyril retorts, angrily.

Amadeus does not respond, knowing that Cyril is right.

"You know what you must do to make things right with the lord," Cyril says.

"I do know what must be done, Cyril. I assume you mean that the girl must die by my hand," Amadeus responds.

"Yes only if she dies by your hand will you receive redemption. But her death must be from you and you alone. This is the only penance that will suffice to the lord. If you do not then you shall suffer the flames of eternal damnation!" Cyril declares.

Amadeus nods, showing his understanding. Despite knowing agreeing with Cyril, Amadeus is hurt by what he said.

Cyril recognizes that and his expression softens.

"I do not want you to go to hell, Amadeus. You are still my friend and I love you like a brother. That is why I shall help you. I will help you find her. Together we shall kill her. So then when we die we may go to Purgatory together, experience the pain together, just like we have done in battle. After that God will let us into paradise," Cyril says, smiling reassuringly.

Amadeus smiles back, "Cyril if it were not for you then I do not know if I could trust anybody."

"Well fear not brother for I shall fight with you until the end," Cyril says holding out his hand.

Amadeus grasps it," Until the end, brother."

He then releases his hand before he turns away. Staring into the camp fire in front of him, he listens to the fire crackling. Picking up a small twig, Amadeus throws it into the fire. He watches as the twig is engulfed in the flames and quickly disintegrates.