Knock, Knock

By magic of the moon

[A/N: This is just a random story that popped into my mind one day! No, it is not a knock-knock joke, but it is designed to be something close to it. Or in other words, it's supposed to be at least a little funny. One-shot. Enjoy and please leave a review!]

Knock, knock.

The girl knocked on the door of the old, rickety mansion. Her silky black hair drifted down her back in thick curls, her blood red lips drawn in a cruel smirk. Her creamy ivory skin made the rest of her features stand out in its paleness. Her ruby red eyes took in the cracked wooden door, with painting peeling off of it. This was perfect.

Unknown to the world, the girl was a vampire. She knocked upon the doors of promising-looking houses and surprised those unfortunate enough to answer with the honor of being her meal. Those who found out what she really was never lived to tell another soul.

This house looked very promising, indeed. Old, abandoned Victorians usually held the best meals—elderly citizens, all alone with no one to miss them.

The girl was so caught up in her fantasy of drinking rich blood from a live victim, she actually jumped when a loud PA system-like voice bellowed around her.

"I am currently out of reach. Please leave a message after the millionth beep. You will have ten seconds to leave your message and I shall reply to you within a day. "

Beep. Beep. Beep…

The girl groaned. Millionth? But the thought of that sweet blood filling her mouth was worth it. She would wait, leave a message, and trick the resident of this lovely little mansion to come to her. It would be a fresh delivery, too. "Oh ho ho ho ho ho!" the girl laughed to herself.

For the rest of the day, the girl waited on the doorstep for the beeps to stop. "Five hundred sixty-seven, five hundred sixty-eight…" the girl counted under her breath. Surely it couldn't be long now, could it?

It was night. The stars twinkled bright in the sky, as if teasing the girl. The crescent moon shone among them, seemingly laughing at the girl's foolishness. Yet the beeps continued on and on. "Six thousand eight hundred ninety-two, six thousand eight hundred ninety-three…" the girl mumbled quietly, slowly falling asleep.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Finally, at one in the morning, the millionth beep sounded. "Please leave your message in ten…"

The girl slept on, too exhausted to realize the beeping had stopped.


The girl sighed in her sleep, imagining sweet, ruby red blood, the exact colour of her eyes.


She dreamt of the body, slowly getting limper and limper in her arms.


She dreamt of blood-sucking paradise.

"Six… five… four… three…"

The girl slept peacefully, smiling like the angel she wasn't.


A frown crossed her blood red lips.


She stirred, but it was too late.

"Message cancelled."

It took the still half-asleep girl a while to register what that meant. That's when she realized the beeping had stopped. "NOOOOO!"

[A/N: Did you like it? And in case you can't really imagine the girl in my story (notice how I didn't refer to her by name, but just as 'the girl') looks like, she's a cross between Tomoyo Daidouji (the hair and skin) and Li Meilin (eyes and determined personality) from Cardcaptor Sakura. Speaking of which, I also have an account on FanFiction. Go check it out; I'm under the same pen name! Please R&R! ]