Introduction: The Junction Between Reality and Dreams

"Chase after your dream and don't stop, one wrong move and it can turn on you, follow it, don't let go, and keep trying. The Dream of Life; make it reality." ~Torimaiki

Life. You can think about who and what you want to be and sit around all day, daydreaming. Or, you can start running, and make your visions come to life. But what happens if your life took two sides instead of one? What is real and what is fake? Which is reality and which is nothing but mere imagination?

That is the case for one unfortunate high schooler named Ryan Law, who was driven off the edge of sanity from his mind. As he lived the life of his dreams, things just turned from good, to bad, to worse.

Ryan lived his middle school days being bullied and isolated. He wished nothing but for somebody to care for him and someone he can care for. When a person is left in solitude, his/her mind tends to grow thoughts about life. Thoughts from dreadful pasts, the present, and for the better, brighter future they strive for, or even real visions about the future.

Love can elevate someone into pure happiness but sometimes it can drag someone back into pure hell. It can be your greatest supporter or your worst nightmare.

In Ryan's case, there was no or... He lived both.