Technology has made recent generations cowards. Why tell a person something majorly insensitive in person when you can just text them, or message them, or email them, or call them? Everything these days isn't done personally, face to face as it once was. Everyone hides behind technology. It gets the best of everybody; even people who are considered 'adults' hide behind technology to communicate certain things that shouldn't be said without saying it to the person's face. People need decency; and these days that feature is fading rapidly. It's proven; because I received both ends of this collapse of human decency.

On one end; I was the cowardly one. I have used this maneuver before so I don't have to deal with the person's emotions and feelings. Instead of telling a person to their face that I'm done with them; I just hid behind my new cell phone at the time and texted her what I couldn't say to her face. Was that nice to do to her? Looking back on it; no it wasn't. However, the sad truth behind this is I know she would have done the exact same thing to me if she was in my shoes. She didn't have the guts. She was too spineless in person to begin with.

Now, on the other end of this I was the person getting the news that should've been told to my face. People these days (especially men) don't have the balls to ask you out or even tell you in person that they like you. Now why is that? Instead of facing their fear of rejection; they hide behind their phone so they don't have to deal with that fear of rejection in front of you. This has happened to me not once; but twice. Two times a guy tucked away behind his phone tells me what he feels about me ON THE PHONE! If you like me so much why couldn't you say that to my face?

I have heard some pretty insane stories of things that people have done to communicate with someone using technology. Back in the day when our grandparents and great-grandparents were growing up they couldn't be as pusillanimous as we are today; unless they would have no friends, no girlfriend, nothing. Why can't we be like them? There is a very straightforward answer to that question, because children today grow up with the loopholes. There weren't any loopholes back in the day. 95% of kids by the time they are twelve have a cell phone, the weapon that is decaying our human decency.