Luther ran a hand nervously through his thinning brown hair. A rival company, run by non-other than Luther's arch enemy, Christopher Whitlock, had made far too much progress in his area of business, and as a result his profits had shot down by 10%. That was unacceptable! Whitlock, needed to be slowed down, or stopped all together before Luther's company suffered an even deeper wound.

One evening, as Luther whined to his business partner, Arthur, about his sorrows over a glass of red wine, Arthur had made a recommendation. The devious brunette who had ties to the English Underworld, suggested Luther hire an assassin, and not just any assassin, the best and most skillful one the underworld had to offer: a boy who was rumoured to have the appearance of a delicate pearl, but a lust for blood that rivalled a tiger's.

Luther had not been so sure murder was the exact answer to his problems, and the last thing Luther wanted was to be involved with the heinous crimes that were committed daily by the villains of the Underworld. Luther was a man of honor who vowed to live only an honest life, but Arthur was very persuasive. Before long he found himself asking Arthur to arrange a meeting between him and the killer, and of course, Arthur was more than happy to oblige. "Anything to help a friend in need," had been Arthur's last words before leaving the bar with a sick smile plastered on a maniacal face.

"I need to get saner associates," Luther mumbled to himself as he stood anxiously in front of his office window, watching the wind ruffle the leaves of the trees.

Time passed and Luther found himself pacing the floors of his office impatiently. Arthur had told him the man would arrive at precisely 10 o'clock. Luther glanced at the clock mounted on his office wall. 'It's ten-thirty. Where on earth is he?' Luther demanded his thoughts, knowing full well he would not receive an answer.

Minutes had continued to tick by at a rapid pace, and still no one had arrived.

"Maybe he isn't coming," Luther said finally with a hint of relief in his voice. He was glad he wouldn't have to soil his name by hiring someone as vulgar as a murderer. Luther allowed himself a smile as he sat down comfortably in his chair.

Suddenly, a creak escaped the deep brown office doors as they were slowly pushed open. 'That's funny; the doors have never creaked before,' Luther thought uneasily, 'I must get Timothy to oil them.'

Luther smiled weakly at the two men who stood in front of him. One was a tall blonde, who had his hair tied back into a ponytail, and wore a very serious expression. His brow line creased, as he examined Luther. The blond had his hand threateningly placed on his gun. Luther was more than certain that the man would only need one bullet to kill him.

The other boy in the room shared a similar hair tone, but had short hair, and only came up to the other man's shoulder. The boy had a serpent's smile on his innocent pale face. The boy really looked like nothing more than a boy to Luther. The child couldn't have been older than seventeen, compared to Luther who was in his early thirties. There was no possible way that child could be the killer. According to Arthur, the assassin he was to hire had been in the business for over four years.

Luther gulped, but if this child really was the assassin, he had better not do anything to upset him.

"Hello, my name is Luther Knight," He said politely, "I presume you two are my assassins?"

The shorter blonde nodded, still smiling, "Good evening, love," He said in a sickly sweet tone that matched that of a maniac's, "Name's Perley Price."

Luther thought the name "Perley" was very suiting for the boy, seeing as he looked exactly like a pearl. With his pearl white skin and pale blonde hair, all the child had to do was curl up in a ball, and he would easily be mistaken for a pearl.

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Price," Luther said as he stood up, holding his hand out to the boy, who graciously accepted it.

"Please, please, Luther, we're all friends here, aren't we?" The boy said. He released Luther's hand and made himself comfortable in one of the nearby chairs, "We needn't stick to those silly formalities. Call me Perley."

Luther nodded reluctantly. He didn't really want to consider himself familiar with such a person.

"Alright then, Perley," He said.

"There, doesn't that feel better?" Perley asked Luther in a very disturbing tone. It had just occurred to Luther that Perley had not once stopped smiling since he'd walked through those doors. 'Good lord, this boy must be a real loon,' Luther thought nervously.

"Erm, well, I suppose so," Luther said with unease lacing his voice ever-so-slightly, "Now, shall we get down to…um…business then?"

Perley clasped his hands together sinisterly, "Yes, yes, Luther, who is it that you want me to terminate?"

The boy had said the word "terminate" with such delight that Luther felt a chill run down his spine as he sat in his own seat behind his desk.

"Christopher Whitlock is the man I want disposed of," Luther explained as he folded his legs beneath the desk, "His business is ruining mine, and I want him gone so that his company crumbles."

Perley's smiled widened, if that was even possible.

"That sounds simple enough, but you'd insult me to think I'd do this task for free." The creepy blonde boy said.

Luther nodded as he pulled a bag of money out from under his desk. "Would 100 pounds suffice?" Luther asked the boy. Perley said nothing as he peered into the bag. "I assure you, it's all there." Luther continued.

"Oh, that's not it, Luther darling," Perley said as he took a gun out of his belt, "You see, in the underworld, little assassins like me prefer working for whoever pays the highest price, and quite frankly, your "friend" Arthur, would be that person."

Luther felt the cold metal tip of Perley's gun against his forehead when something horrible clicked in his mind. His best friend, his confidant, hired an assassin to kill him?

"Arthur wants to kill me? But why? Why would he want to do away with me?" Luther pleaded, "Please, don't I deserve to know why Arthur has decided to betray me?"

Perley tilted his head slightly to get a better look at Luther.

"Well, it won't do me any harm in telling you, will it Francis?" Perley said, asking the tall blonde man who stood at the door. The man, who Luther presumed was Francis, nodded, and Perley gladly explained to Luther why he was going to meet this untimely end.

Perley said that Arthur only needed Luther because he needed a wealthy business associate, and seeing as Luther's company was quickly crumbling, there was no longer a need for him. Now all Arthur wanted was to eliminate worthless competition, which now included Luther, and because Luther had no heirs to his company, no one would be able to take it over after him. Unless of course it was his "best friend".

Luther felt the sting of betrayal tear away at his heart, and Perley noticed the sadness in Luther's pale blue eyes. "Oh cheer up, love," Perley said as he grabbed Luther's hair and pressed his gun deeper into the man's forehead, "What happened here today is very normal. You see, there are only two types of people in this world: those who use others and others who are used. Today, Arthur was the user, and you were the used, and we all know what happens when you're finished with something. You get rid of it. It's very simple, even a child can understand it."

Luther's emotions began swirling inside of him. He was unsure of whether to be furious at Arthur, fear for his life, or hate himself for being tricked so easily, but he had no time to deal with any of them. Right now, he needed to find a way out of being killed. What do killer's crave more than blood? Luther mused.

"If you let me live, I'll pay you double – no, triple – whatever Arthur's paying you," Luther said, "I give you my word." But this just made the little blonde shake his head in laughter.

"You honestly think your word means shit to me? Hah!" Perley laughed, "Are you trying to teach me to be greedy, Luther? I can easily tell you that I'm not. Arthur paid me a handsome sum that I'm satisfied with, and I do not intend on disappointing such a generous man."

"But-!" Perley cut Luther off.

"You know Luther; I think it's about time you shut up," Perley said with his signature sick and twisted tone that he'd been using all night.

Just as the words left his lips, a few birds in the distance flew out of their trees. The blast of a gun firing had startled them into escaping their homes. Luther's body fell backwards in his chair, hitting the floor with a thud! The blood spilling from his forehead painted the floor boards a gorgeous shade of crimson.

Perley put his gun back into its spot on his belt, and grabbed the bag of money Luther had given him earlier, "Good night, Luther," Perley said sweetly, "It really has been a pleasure."

Author's Note:

And the moral of the story kiddies is do not hire people to kill other people.

On another note, this one-shot isn't as creepy as I usually write, but I can't start scaring children right off the bat now can I? No, no, I shall take it slow and ease people into the insanity that plagues my mind.

Anyway, let's explain something: The "English Underworld", as it is called in this story, is basically the criminal underworld of England. Where drug dealers, assassins, and others of said nature reside and conduct business. Whether something like that ever actually existed in Great Britain is beyond me, but in this little one-shot it does.

Reviews, tips, etc. are all more than welcome.

Thank you for your time, and night-y, night, kiddies!