Slowly splitting,

Wings are lifting,

Letting all the feathers grow,

Leaving all the chains below.

Your skull has shattered,

Set you free,

Your mind has flitted carelessly,

With wanderlust you'll have to pardon,

Out it went,

Into the garden.

So, you see,

We've brought you here,

To rid you of your pain and fear,

Your pangs of guilt,

Your wasted years.

Here on this star,

Above all the others,

Here on this cloud,

Making lightning and thunder,

If you look down you'll faintly see,

The reason why we've taken thee,

For there's a person trapped on Earth,

Their life in tangles and in knots,

Wishing to be under dirt.

We've saved you from,

A fate like this,

Do you now see how,

These pieces fit?

Here's all you'd have won,

Had your future unfurled;

A drifting life,

A folded world