Though the basic senses are not yet on me

I know that mother is unhappy because of me

I am the corrupted flower

Her dreams I torn asunder

This place where curses are kept discret

I sleep in a very warm realm

My mother has many secrets

I am one of them

There goes not a day where mother does not cry

She is in pain and this she always deny

I know I am the cause of her misery

Such a cruel fate given by destiny

I am her mistake

I wanted to die

My soul to take

Mother please don't cry

My existence, her name I shall defile

My death, her beatific inerasesable smile

A drama of the soul undone

You shall be happy when I am gone

Saturday night, I marked the date

I resigned to what you desire

I came to the land of the screaming wraith

The answer came before your very eye

Outside you, my body burned without fire

My fragile skin flared so dire

To save you from the thieves untrue love

To this painful judgement, I must abide

Farewell Mother


This is the story of an unborn baby born from the mistakes of a mother who fell onto the trickery of some "Thieves Untrue Love ". I believe that babies knows when the mother loves them or not. I really had nothing I wish to accomplish in making this poem Just something that pop on my head. I don't even think that I like what I made. Some may like it but I don't.