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Everyone has something that makes them tick. Something that makes them feel alive. Complete. For some people its reading, or nature, or good hard work, even another person. But not for me, for me, that other thing is music. Not the pop music you hear on the radio, or even

masterpieces by the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. The music I mean is the kind that is always within me, the kind that, until I choose to put notes to it, is all my own. The music of my heart.

I sighed happily as the last few notes drifted away. Lifting my bow from the strings I set my fiddle in my lap and looked around. The woods around me were quiet, still. This meadow was a peaceful place, my sanctuary. Flowers swayed softly in the breeze and I smiled, laying

back on the grass. Above my head a giant willow stretched its branches, shielding my view of the morning sky.

My smile slipped as I saw how high the sun had already reached above the treetops. I would have to leave soon. But I had time yet, for one more song.

Standing I lifted my fiddle to my chin again and rested my bow lightly on the strings, waiting. I breathed in the cool air, fingers stroking the smooth wood, and slowly, slowly I drew out the first note. It rang out sweet and pure and before it had completely faded away I played another, and another. Gradually I moved faster and faster, my fingers flying up and down the strings, a light-hearted reel sprang out and almost unconsciously my feet began to move. Around

and around I twirled, eyes closed, long blond hair flashing gold in the light. Laughter bubbled up and sprang from my lips, making a carefree harmony with my notes. Faster, faster, my arm was blur and my feet pounded the ground as I spun and swayed.

There was no sound except for my music. It was as if all the animals in the forest, all the birds in the sky had grown silent to hear me play. Playing as fast as I could now I smiled with pure delight, relishing

the joy of this one private mome-

I froze, the last note screeching painfully as my movements jerked still. Breathing hard I listened. Silence. I stayed there for a few more minutes, finally satisfied that no one had been there. But still, the joy I had had moments before was shattered. I would play no more today. Not like that.

Placing my fiddle lovingly into its case I turned and headed quickly towards home. I had stayed too long already, I needed to be back before I was missed. One last glance showed me the meadow, now silent and sad. My sanctuary. The one place where I was free.


"I'm telling you, I'm not crazy! I heard it!" I ran my hands through my hair in frustration, ignoring the way it caused the black strands to stick up messily.

"There's no way man, you know who those woods belong too. I don't even know why you were there in the first place." my friend gazed at me worriedly, obviously wondering about my sanity. Honestly, I couldn't really blame him.

"I already told you that too, Chase, I was late and took a shortcut."

"Yeah, but through the Hartland Woods? You know who that land belongs too! The bitch-queen herself! Her family practically owns the snob school over there. That's why there's no way in HELL you could have heard anything like you're talking about. Hardly anyone dares go in

there, unless there idiots like you!" his voice had risen by the end and people passing us in the hall glanced over curiously.

I gestured for him to quiet down as I thought over what he had said.

I frowned, doubt filling my mind. Chase was right, there was no way. And yet how could I have imagined that? How could I have imagined that feeling? The joy, the freedom, the beauty? It had been mesmerizing, enchanting. I couldn't believe it hadn't been real. I didn't want to.

But it didn't make sense, everyone knew Lilah Hartland and her family were as uptight and aloof as anyone could be. So where had that music come from?

"James? Hey, man, forget about it, you probably just clonked your head. We gotta get to class."

"Yeah..yeah, you're right. Sorry, alright, let's go." but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't forget. That music had made me feel...



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