Looking at my popper, smoking, I wasn't sure it went off. And I realized that nothing was going to get better


Outside of a closed Starbucks, we looked like little Jewish hoodlums. You sat down next to me when my feet hurt because I wore heels, and the future seems a little brighter


At 11:21 I wake and wonder when life will become fake again


The better I get, the more I write poetry about death


A house on wheels is a home at just the right time


When did all my poetry become about sex and suicide? I can't say for sure


Poetry makes me a better person


It's funny. Sometimes something you imagine comes true. These moments are beautifully rare, which is why reflecting on the memories feels so much better than the fantasies. But there is something bittersweet about realizing while talking to you, that the results might never be what I hoped. This was as close as I could get to my dream, standing there with you. Real life is never perfect


I'm an American pie in a circle game of Jewish Americans. The stairway to heaven is too far away, and I don't feel that I'll be forever young. There's no one in this friendship circle I truly feel I can lean on


I blast music in my car because when I saw thirteen, I learned that that was what you got to do when you had your license and got to drive by yourself


I am crazy, and I'm going to prove you wrong