"Hey! What's your name?" I asked walking up to the girl who was crying her eyes out. I thought she was such a baby for that. But little did I know that this baby would become my best friend in the whole world. Looking back, I'm slowly starting to regret it. Only then, then I wouldn't be hurting this bad.

The girl looked up at me with big watery eyes. "Why?" She snaps her head back down and wipes away her clear wet tears. I rolled my eyes and bent down to the girl siting in the middle of the playground. "Because you're crying and crying is a bad thing." The girl gawked at me. "What does crying have to do with knowing my name?" "You're crying, and I wanna help that's why." I gawked back. We start to laugh.

"I'm Suki." She put out her hand for me to shake it. I slap it away. "We're not adults!" I bark. Her hand slowly went back to her space. "S-Sorry." She said. I laughed again. "The heck you're saying 'S-sorry' for?! It's okay! I'm your age so don't worry about it! And by the way I'm Roxie, but call me Rock." "Why is it Rock? I could understand Rox but not Rock." She laughed at my name.

I shot her a death glare and she immediately stopped. "I call myself that. I choose that name because I never want people to know what I'm thinking like a rock." Suki laughed again.

"Anywaaaayssss!" I add the emphasis to the a and s. "Why were you crying?" Her eyes began to tear up again. I sigh and kick up sand to get her to get quiet. "Stop crying already! Now tell me what happened!" "Why should I tell you?" Suki asked crossing her arms. I smirked. "I can help you. Especially if it's a bully. I'm a black belt in karate."

"At six?!" she shrieks.

I nod my head so proud of getting my black belt at such a young age.

Suki sighs rubbing her fingers through her dark brown hair for them to get tangled in. "It's my sister and her friends. They pushed me down the slide too hard. Uh let's see, was throwing me between her and her friends... um... she—" I cut her short muffling her with my hand. My eyes were fulled with rage.

I stood up grabbing Suki. "Where's your so called sister?" She points toward the bathroom where she and her friends were trying to talk to middle school boys. "How old is she?" My voice had hit the super sharp high note. "She's eleven. I dunno about this Roxie." I glared at her. She gulps down her spit so hard that I could see it.

I stormed over to Suki's sister and kicked up the water leaking from the water fountain all over her and her petty friends. They scream and jump back. The boys around us laughed and walked away. I knew I did them a favor.

Suki and I laughed too. We high fived each other. Suki's sister glared down at Suki and I. "Don't you dare look down at me. Ever." I barked. "Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?! Nothing!" Suki's sister and her friends laughed. Some of the boys became instigator.

I gritted my teeth togther and clenched my fist. "Aww. Look! She's getting mad!" One of her friends teased.

Luckily Suki's sister wasn't that much taller than me. I grabbed her by her black hair and pulled her down to my height. Her friends gasped and tried to touch me. "Move and I'll yank her jet black hair out." I warned. The girls retreated and watched.

"What's your name?" I ask her. She didn't answer so I pulled her hair harder. "Ow... uh... it's Sumi!" She answered as if she was on the verge of dying. "Well listen, Sumi." I yanked her again. "Don't mess with my new friend, Suki! Got that? If she ever cries again because of you I'll kill you!" I let go of her and walked away leaving Suki speechless and Sumi crying.

Suki ran up to me. "Uh... I just wanna say thank you, but why did you help me? You don't even know me." I stopped dead in my tracks. "What school do you go to?"

"Uh... Generals Elementary School."

"Me too!" I had perked up. "You're my new best friend. No matter what we'll be there for each through thick and thin!"

Suki smiled and we shook hands. After that, we became the best of friends.


Sweat drips down our face as we sing and dance across the stage. Our fellow high schoolers jumped all around liking the sound of our music. Suki and I smile at each other as we finished the song. We take each other's hands and bow to the crowd. We walk off stage still holding each other's hand.

"You ready to go home, Rock?" Suki asks throwing her tote bag over her shoulder. "Yeah let me just get my bag." I walk over to my little make-up station and grab my bag the was under it. "Are you driving or am I?" I ask walking over to her holding up the keys. "I'll do it." She smiles and takes possession of the keys.

The ride home was epic. We talked and sang. We met these boys at this stop light and made plans to go to the movies next week.

I slam the car door of our Infinite. Yes OUR. Our parents bought it for us two years ago and not once have we argued about it. Sumi tried to drive it. Pfft! As if we'll let that bitch touch our car.

I slam the car door close. "Call me when you get home so I can make sure you get in." I remind Suki who is making there way toward my door. "What the hell are you doing?" I ask walking toward the door too "I don't wanna go home. Sumi might put me out again because she's mostly likely talking to her boyfriend." Suki drops her head. I pat her on her back for comforting. "Okay, but be very quiet. My mom is sleep by ten so I can sneak you in."