"Where have you two been?" A familiar voice said. "Uh oh." Suki and I stopped dead in our tracks. We turn around to face the big hairy beast. We exchange looks with each other and take off going upstairs toward my room. "I'm not mad, Rock! Just make sure next time that you tell me that Suki will be staying the night. Like five minutes ahead of plan.!" Mom yells up the stairs which could barely be heard from our loud stomping.

I plop down on my queen sized bed sighing. Crawling to the four corners of my bed, I let down the strings that held my canopy around my bed. Now it covered both sides of my bed. I like to feel secure in my bed.

"Wanna order pizza?" I ask Suki. She nods and opens moves my canopy to the side wanting to enter my domain. "Pizza Hut?" I ask. She nods again getting comfortable in my bed.

I smirk seeing how Suki was getting tired from all the singing and dancing at our concert forty-five minutes ago. I pull my canopy to the side like a shower curtain. I place my Ipod on its dock ready to blast it through my speakers around my room. I choose on of Suki's and I favorite song.

"I am an arm stealer, fitting you wit weapons in the form of words." I sing the lyrics to Fall Out Boy's This Aint It's a Scene. "And don't really care... which sides when." Suki sings along.

"As long as the room just who keep singing that's just the business I'm in. This aint a scene, it's a got damn arm race."

"This aint a scene it's a got damn arm race."

We continued to sing through like fifty of my songs. We put on our own little mini concert. We were so tired, that we forgot about the pizza that we ordered.

I groan as I roll over on my side opening my eyes. I rub them getting the crust out my eyes. My smooth caramel skin was now rough. I notice the tv was on. I get up and move toward the tv wanting to turn it off, but something caught my eye.

Seventeen year old Suki Drey murdered read the screen. I grab the remote off my tv stand not taking my eyes off the screen."What? That's impossible. Suki was with me the whole night." I turn toward my bed and see nothing but a note. I rush over to my bed and grab the note. It read:

Dear Roxie,

I went home to get a shower and get some clothes. Let's go to the movies, kay? Luv ya. See ya soon. :D



"No! It's not true." I mutter to myself. "Roxie, are you okay?" My mom yells as she burst through my door. She sees me looking at the tv. She sees whats on there and immediately snatches the remote out of my hand and turns it off. "Hey, do you wanna go get some ice cream?" Mom asks trying to cheer me up.

Set Fire to The Rain was my ringtone for my friend Alex. I slowly walk over to my phone and hesitantly pick it up. I saw like one hundred twenty-four messages were on my phone. No wait one twenty-five. No hyperbole intended.

I unlock my phone to messages like:

Do you need comfort?

Are you okay?

Omg! I can't believe Suki's dead!

Weren't you and Suki best friends?

Suki was an awesome singer. "She still is. I mutter to myself continuing checking.

Can I have yall car now? This one was an unknown text. How the hell did you get my number?

Is the concert still going to be tonight? Damn it! I forgot about the concert at the park at four thirty and at the plaza at six o five.

If you think I'm going to that, you bastards are fucking crazy! I text to the person still wanting the concert even after all this?!

"Mom? Can I please be alone. I'm taking this in too quickly." I say to my with tears welling up in my light brown eyes. She nods and sticks out her hand asking for something. "Your phone." She demands. I happily give it up knowing it will only cause me pain. I place it in the palm of her hands. She smiles at me and walks out.

I turn toward my dresser with my Ipod on it. I snatch it off the dock and scroll down to Thanks for the Memories. I slam it back on the dock and the lyrics loudly pour into my room.

I start singing and dancing around my room thinking how Suki should be here singing with me. I cry while dancing around. My knees start to shake and my moves became uncoordinated.

I stop at my mirror and look at myself. My dark brown hair sweating and smeared in my face I imagine Suki with me checking ourselves out. I punch my mirror to get rid of the pain."Damn it!"