Two Years Ago:

I run into the back alley out of breath. I was trap by a big brick wall. There were stinky trash cans that I could hop on and jump over, but my legs just won't move. It was as if I was in quick sand sinking faster and faster, but I wasn't even struggling.

The man grinned at me and I seemed to sink faster. He walks closer to me smirking. My heart it just waiting to be freed from my chest. My eyes quiver as he approaches me and grabs my shoulders. "N-No p-please! You'll ruin my innocence." I begged and stuttered. His smirk grew wider. "Even more of a reason." He sucks and bites my neck.

I scream instead of moaning. Out he came. My hero. My lover. Of course I didn't know that at the time, but he still was my hero. "Put your hands up!" He demands pulling his gun out of his holster that was slung over his shoulder. He had such broad shoulders that no one could break.

He steps closer with his gun pointed at the ugly man who wanted pleasure. From a ten year old girl. Seriously. Idiot! The man dropped me as soon as the police officer was behind him with the gun pointed at his head. The man ran, but the officer didn't chase. He was too worried about me. But I had already passed out.

When I awoke, I was all alone in my kiddie room that I decorated myself. I looked around frantically, but found nothing. I was in my room all alone. After being alone made me frustrated, I shuffle downstairs with my hands in my pockets. I found my mom in the kitchen cooking something that had an awesome smell.

"Sweetie, you're up. But you need to go to school." She comes out flatly and says. I roll my eyes. My mother really nevered payed any attention to me. After ten years I really couldn't have cared less. She seemed to stop caring after my dad died. She says it's not me but I look too much like my father which hurts her very much.

After fifteen minutes or so I came down stairs ready to go to school. I said my bye to my mother and I was on my way. I started walking to school in fifth grade this year. At first I was terrified but not even more. Not even after what happen yesterday.

I stop at the coffee shop much like I usually do. I order a frappacuino much like I do. As I was turning around I bumped into someone. "O-Oh no. I'm sorry." I said bending down to pick up the frappacuino. The person bends down too. We look up at each other and our eyes lock. I blush a little before I stand up to get a good look at the person. It was the officer that saved me yesterday.

"Hey, you're that girl from yesterday. What are you doing back in the streets alone already? The incident just happened like three hours ago." He told me."Uhh..." I couldn't continue. It's weird talking to him and for some weird reason I'm blushing. "I had t-to go to school." "At six o clock in the evening?" He asks looking at his watch. I knew I didn't have to go to school! I just came back before the incident!

"I-I j-just want-ted to say th-thank you for yesterday." I terribly stutter. "Oh no problem. Why don't you come to my office for a little while?" He smiles at me looking down quite far. "S-Sure. I stutter once more. I have to see mote of this guy or I would die. What is it that I am feeling for this guy that I know nothing about.

I follow him to his office which was quiet the whole time. Nobody was really at the police department for some strange reason. Everybody was mostly leaving.

The officer closed his door. "What's your name, kid?" He asks sitting down in his chair behind his paper filled desk. He gestures me sit down in one of the two seats in front of his desk. I hesitantly sat down. "I-It's Jaye." I seemed to be stuttering a lot today.

"Cute." The officer smiles. "I'm Officer Jay too. Well that's my last name. My first name is Riley." He introduced himself. I slight smile but then turn away. He smirked and grabbed me by chin. My cheeks turn bright red as he pulled me into a kiss.

Two Years Later:

"R-Riley...!" I moan his name as my hips bobbed up and down him. "I love it when you moan my name." He whispers seductively in my ear which makes me go crazy. "S-Stop whispering in my ear! You... know... I cant take it when... you... you do that. Ah!" Riley quickly puts his mouth over mine to silence my moaning. "Shhh! They'll hear you." I nod looking into his beautiful orbs with tears beginning in my eyes.

"I-I'm coming, Riley! Ah...ngh!" He speeds up his pace and I cum. Not long after my release he cums too. We search for air to fill our needy lungs and smile at each other.

"I love you. We both say in unison like the thirteenth time that day.