I buttoned my last button on my pink blouse after zipping my fly. I google Riley who was putting his gun back in his holster that was over his shoulders. "Why do you keep looking at me, Jaye?" He asks me looking up at me into my light brown orbs. Don't you have to be going to school?" I slightly shake my head still looking at him. My eyes travel down his chest to his abs. "I-I uh... I don't have to. It's uh... we have a day off." I lied. He doesn't need to know the real reason why I'm not going to school. At least not right now.

"Even after we've been going out and having sex you still act like this, huh?" Riley laughs a little. He stands up and shuffles over to me with his hands in his pocket. He smiles at me. That smile could force anyone into a corner.

He pulls me by my waist into a deep breath taking kiss. His hot tongue circled mine in a mine blowing rotation. His warmth could almost get me horny again.

I put my hands between our chests and push of from mine onto his his breaking the kiss. Saliva drips from the corner of his mouth. He was totally clueless about it so licked it away for him.

He ruffles my dark brown hair that was already messy from what we did. Man was I tired! Now I just wanna go home.

"Can I stay here for the day?" I ask stepping closer to Riley and buttoning his shirt. "Yeh sure if you want. I need an excuse to tell my co-workers though." "You're a detective not a police officer like you were two years ago on that day. Do you really have to tell them?" I look up at him with innocent eyes and back away from his chest. "Yeh, I do. You're a bit under the weather okay, Jaye?" I nod my head to the li and give him a big hug as if he was my dad coming home from a business trip.

I sit on Riley's lap after he sits in his big chair. I snuggle up against his chest and kiss under his earlobe. He groans and looks down at me. "Do you want another round?" He asks annoyed. I guess he was working.

I slightly shake my head not knowing what I want to do. He groans again and puts his glasses down. "Get up." He demands. "What?" I ask dumbfounded. He once again groans and I get annoyed. He grabs me by my waist and picks me up on top of his desk.

He spreads open my thin caramel legs. He puts them around his waist and dances all around in my open legs. He bends down and kisses my neck forcing a moan to escape my lips.

"S-Stop! You have work to do!" I try to push him away but he just holds my wrists. "You weren't saying that two minutes ago!" He barks at me. "Yeah, but I... I'm only twelve!" He sighs. "We do this everytime one gets horny and the other one isn't." Riley sits down in his chair and rubs the bridge of his cute little nose. I hop off his desk and peck his nose with my lips. I sit down in his lap and wrap my legs around his back. "Let's make out." I whisper seductively in his ear.

He grabs my shoulders and pulls me away from his ear. His pulls me into a deep kiss. He could've swallowed me whole.

I moan in his mouth and I wiggle around in his lap. Suddenly I felt a big sharp pain in my butt. Oh, God. I must have gotten him erected. I thought still kissing Riley who managed to pull down my pants and underwear. I push away from him in tiredness. Though he seemed to get fired up.

He quickly unbuckles his black belt and pushed down his pant and underwear. With no warning or lubricant, He suddenly shoved into me. He quickly kisses me because he knows that I'll moan extremely loud. He knows me so well.

Riley parts our kissing and smiles at me. A somewhat slight smile creeps on my face. He grabs my hip and drives into me. "Ah!" He clenches harder and harder onto my hips knowing I'm about to cum. Riley places his right hand on my chest and roughly shakes it. I continue to moan.

There was a knock at the door and the person let themselves in. "Hey, Detective Jay I—" He stops and stares at us. Without even looking dead at it, I saw his erection creep out of his black pants. He could only say one word to superior. "Pedophile."