This was an assignment in my english class, however now I'm not sure if it was assigned to my class or just the teacher's ap class... Anyways this was for a sensory memory poster thingy and I based mine on the olfactory or aka sense of smell. Please don't judge too harshly I'm not really used to writing poetry...


When I smell it I can see your smiling face,

I close my eyes and pray God gives you love and grace.

I do not know what it is you wore,

But I still remember the distinct smell it bore.

It's ingrained in my mind forevermore.

All the memories come rushingback to me,

And I smile remembering how you used to be.

You were kind, loving, and always a blast,

I hate how only for so long could it last.

Now I can only see you when I think of my past.

So everytime I get a wiff of that old cologne,

I start to feel a little alone,

But then I realize that it aint so bad,

Because one day I'll once again get to see my dad.

And that's why I'll nevver forget that smell you had.

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