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From the moment Albert Lee met Luanne Meyers their conversation had held nothing more than the nuisance of intimate details of her previous failed relationships and her future aspirations of a large wedding and immediately following-children. The most dreaded eight letter word in the English dictionary for a male.

Nevertheless, Luanne sat across from Albert at the Grand Oaks hotel in downtown New York speaking of precisely how many children she wanted.

"I want six children. Three boys and three girls." She stated bluntly.

Albert was not a mean man. Quite the contrary. He was a fisherman. They weren't generally mean spirited. More relaxed, laid back individuals that wanted to listen to the quietness of nature. Luanne on the other hand would ruin the sounds of nature by her high squeaky voice. It had now been two weeks since they had begun dating and she was already talking about children. It was not a record amongst the women he had dated. That had been set my Victoria call me "Vickie" Martin setting it at the all-time record of two days-which incidentally was also his shortest relationship.

"Well darling, I must tell you something that I do not think that you are going to like." He paused, she was not going to be happy about the information he was about to release. "I can't have kids."

As he said it, Albert leaned back in his chair, tipping the front of the legs of the chair a few inches above the ground. Giving him a stadium view of Luanne's reaction.

"What do you mean Albert?" She asked astonished. "You can't have children, I don't understand, isn't that something you should have mentioned to me at the beginning of our relationship?" Her astonishment quickly turned to anger.

He watched the 5'4" red heads face turn nearly the same color as her hair. "Well Luanne, I didn't think that it was exactly first date conversation." Taking a drink of his scotch. Why would it matter if you weren't trying to trap me, he thought.

"What about our second or third, hell even the fourth!" She exclaimed. It was the first time he had seen her angry. His lips twitched at the corners, amusement nearly causing him to fall back in his chair.

"Alright, alright. Don't get so upset. You're young, you'll find a sperm donor soon enough." He immedietly regretted saying it.

"Why I never have met anyone who can speak of something as precious as the gift of life in such a mocking, insulting cavalier way." Finishing her last word with a "humph" noise. Luanne threw her cloth napkin on her plate. "If you would excuse me, I do not think that my nerves can be subjected to this type of treatment." She said rather politely excusing herself and exiting the restaurant.

Setting the legs of his chair level he looked at the empty seat. Another woman he had driven away. He loved being a bachelor, it had its luxuries but sometimes he wondered if he would ever meet the preverbal one people spoke of. He didn't like to be pessimistic, but he doubted she was out there.