What if our steps where limited?

Think about it-after so many steps in a day we grow tired and just want to sit down for hours to rest.

What if there was a device telling us just how many steps we had in one day and counted down every step we took? Then would rest after 8 to 10 hours of rest?

Everyone's step count would be different I'm sure-elderly having less steps then that of a younger.

Would that device be helpful? Would it keep us going knowing we have many steps left in us? Or would we use it against ourselves? To scared for it running out?

I'm sure there would be people like myself who would play with it-see how many steps we save or waist by running and jumping.

Others I'm sure would ignore it, never caring to really have one to start with-or act like they didn't have one.

Even more I'm sure would look at it as much as they would their cell phone.

What if this device was a pager? What if it was on our phones in fact? Or even a necklace? Or even a watch of sorts?

Would it change the way we live? Would bosses have workers sit more if they were aware of just how many steps there employees had?

How much of it would affect our normal life?

What of other devices with similar ideas of our limits?

And even more important, would we exceed those limits?