A Bell Rings

A bell rings so you answer the door
Only, you don't have a doorbell.
But the bell keeps ringing and ringing
And you wonder when you started
Responding to commands.

Someone calls you every Thursday nights
And introduces himself with
Hi, Jerry? This is your probation worker.
But you never did anything so bad
That they had to turn you in
Instead of taking you out to the dumpster.

You get told you should kill yourself
And you think
Thanks, Mum.
But you know this is the best part of her day
And you never could bring yourself
To take away the one thing
She enjoys about you.

Somewhere above you a siren rings
And it's your own damn fault.
You knew that kissing him came
With a pre-ordained punishment.
You don't think they'd have been quite so quick
To put you up on that stretcher
If they only knew the real reason
You were slumped over in an alleyway.
You can't find it in your heart
To be thankful anymore.

A bell rings and this time you know it's for you.
Someone wants to talk but he didn't introduce himself
Like he was supposed to,
So you look him in the eye and say
You're not my probation worker.
And he says No, No I'm not.
And he rings that bell,
Rings it and rings it
Until you stand up and open the door.
So you're another one of Pavlov's,
Another dog with a self choking leash
Waiting for someone to feed you.

A bell rings and rings and rings
So you open the door,
And you open the door,
And the door stays open
But you don't know what it is
You're waiting for.