You chew glass and don't taste it,
Don't notice the blood leaking out the corner of your mouth.
It's pretty –is that why you did it?
I always did like you in red.
Does it hurt, baby?
I can kiss it better.
And if that means I hurt you a little more in the process…
Well, isn't that what you want?

You're dripping on the carpet
And I just got your blood out from last time.
Maybe I'm a little pissed about that.
Maybe I'm a little pissed about a lot of things,
But how would you know?
You've sliced your tongue to ribbons
And can't talk to me anymore.

Someone told me
You'd carved my name in the back of your teeth.
I said I doubt it,
I said I was the one you left all your marks on.

You came into my room
And decided today was a good day to breathe glass.
I don't get it,
But I'll try anything once.
It feels good inside me,
Better than you.
I tell you this and you laugh.

Your parents sat us down
And said we need to talk.
I said we can't, neither of us have teeth.
Everyone was confused,
And you just kept laughing.

They found your name carved into my bones.
I asked why they had me x-rayed.
They said it was unhealthy,
The way we were.
I said I wouldn't know.

I chew glass and don't taste it,
But feel it slither down my throat
As it slices through my vocal chords.
You made me promise not to sing,
And I knew I couldn't keep it.
But you made me promise,
So I have to keep it.
I'm a little pissed about that.

Your parents said you'd tried to kill yourself,
I asked if there was a lot of blood.
They said no.
I said I doubt you were really trying.
They wouldn't let me see you.

Your parents told you I tried to kill myself
While you were laying in the cords
That kept you tied to your hospital bed.
You asked if I'd done it.
They said no.
You laughed.
They still wouldn't let me see you.