Hi guys! As you all know, or maybe don't know, we, The Ship Team, write about a fantasy (or not) universe that our twisted little minds came up with that has to do with inter-school relationships. And, this, my dears, is the master-story for our personal favorite couple, known as Jeric! Which is basically two male teachers called Jay Hunter and Eric Christian. So, yes children, they ARE homosexual, and if you don't like it, click that pretty little 'back' button up there. But if you are a homophobe and you still insist on reading, don't say we didn't warn you.

There are also a bunch of one-shots that we have posted, and will be posting, and they may, or may not, be related to this story. But as long as you see the magic word "Jeric", you will know which couple we are talking about.

We will update this as much as possible, and it may not really end at all. Just a long, ongoing story about their lives. Or maybe it will.

Here's a warning. When you open the first few chapters, it will seem like a stereotypical, soppy romance novels about rainbows and unicorns, who's my crush and who's your crush, that sort of shit. But give it a chance, it get's interesting eventually. And don't worry, DuctTape will be here to ensure that it doesn't become a ordinary romance story that everyone loves and hates. We have all the ideas mapped out already, now we just need to write them down. There WILL be a twist, there WILL be darkness, and the rating will probably go up. Nothing overly hardcore in here though. We are new, and not exactly that old either. Give us a chance.

This story may seem confusing to you at first, and many of you will probably want to kill us for being so suspenseful about Jay's past. But don't worry, Abyss's twisted little mind is already working on a story on Jay's past. Be warned though: it will probably be a hard M rated chapter story, and probably really, really dark. It will be up eventually, if only Abyss will get her ass into gear.

Abyss: What?!
DuctTape: You. Yes. You. They are waaaaiting.
Abyss: Sssssh, BVB.
DuctTape: Haha…
Sunflower: …yucks
Abyss: What. Did. You. Say
Sunflower: Oh, shut up. They look scary, and-
Abyss: What. The. Fu-

DuctTape: WHOAAAA OK CHILL. Maybe you readers will have to wait a while….GUYS STOP FIGHTING!
CHICKEN: Don't mind them.
SmileyFace: Yeah, we are still here.
DuctTape: So the story on Jay's past may take a while to be uploaded, but in the meantime, here is the Master Story on my OTP, Jeric! It's called…If You Hear Me, Let Me Know! Enjoy!