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Chapter Six: You Think It's Over But It's Just Begun

Eric's POV

Jay and Kevin have been making their new relationship status rather obvious. And it's getting rather hard to avoid seeing their public displays of affection. Never mind the fact that they are both teachers, or that the school has its fair share of homophobes, they don't try to hide the fact that they are a couple. Or maybe, Jay does, Kevin doesn't even seem to have a smudge of modesty.

I'm not going to deny that it's probably my jealousy talking, because I do know that I'm absolutely fucking jealous of Kevin. But I don't let it show, Jay seems happy, and as sappy as that sounds, as long as he is happy, I'm happy. Kevin's been a real bitch to me, though. Not that I care, he's not that great a loss. But still, it's hard for me to even say 'Good morning" to Jay without getting a possessive glare from him.

Right now, I'm sitting at my desk, grading a bunch of tests. Behind me, Kevin is chewing on Jay's ear as he grades his own students' work. It's hard to ignore them, especially when Kevin moves on to chewing on Jay's face, and climbs onto his lap. I try to focus on the writing in front of me, and ignore the moans behind me. Michael walks past and catches my eye , giving me a sympathetic look. I've been getting a lot of those lately, from many teachers, and even a few students. Yup, Kevin isn't afraid to fondle Jay in front of the student population, or even a peck on the lips. Lunchtimes have been rather lonely nowadays, Jay is always not in the cafeteria, and I have a pretty good idea where he is. Being shagged by Kevin in the bathrooms.

I've heard noises, okay?

It doesn't help that Jay comes to school with Kevin every day, or walks with a limp in the mornings, a slightly dazed smile on his face. The fact that they are not only sexually active, but probably fucking like sex-crazed bunnies is pretty obvious too, but so far, there hasn't been any huge complaints. This goes on, and as days go by, I can feel my heart tearing even more.

A few weeks later, I'm sitting in the cafeteria, mindlessly scrolling through my phone and eating. Suddenly, I'm aware of a presence beside me. Jay. He slides into the seat opposite mine, and places his tray on the table. I don't look up. He clears his throat. I pretend to ignore him. He shakes the table a little, and eventually plucks my phone out of my hand. I give him a 'what?' look and he glares at me. "Don't ignore me!" he whines. "Says the guy who has not said a word to me for the past three weeks," I snort. He gives me a hurt look. "Kevin is just…possessive, Eric," he tries to explain. "Better go back to him then, don't want to lose my balls," I reply, maybe a bit too snappily. "Kevin fell ill, he's not here today," Jay mumbles. "So I'm his substitute?" I say. I know I'm being an asshole, but I couldn't help it. "No…I'm…I'm sorry, Jay," he stares at his food, looking like a kicked puppy, and I can't bear to stay angry with him anymore. "Hey, don't be upset," I say, more gently, and he looks up at me hopefully. "We're still friends, right?" he asks. I nod, and he brightens. "So, what happened to Kevin?" I ask. "He's got the flu. Thank fuck," Jay says bluntly. "Why?" I ask, somewhat amused. "That means no sex for at least a week," Jay replies, looking very relieved. I raise an eyebrow, and he explains, "He always makes me bottom, and believe me, my ass is feeling kind of tired right now." I laugh, and he glares at me. "It's not funny! It really hurts, you know. Half the time, he doesn't even bother preparing me…much," Jay complains. I stop laughing, and look at him concernedly. "Are you alright?" Jay sighs, and shrugs. "I'll live. It's not like he's raping me," he mutters. Just then, the bell rings, and his face falls. "That was awfully quick," he grumbles. "I missed talking to you, Eric," he adds, looking at me. "That because you're always with Kevin," I say, a bit spitefully. Jay picks up his tray, looking down and avoiding my gaze. We walk back to the classroom in awkward silence.

When the end of school bell rings, I gather my things, and after waving goodbye to the class, walk off. Jay is just coming out of the room next to mine. He smiles and waves me over. "Are you free tonight?" he asks me eagerly. I nod, and his grin widens. "Great! Care to join me for an after work drink?" he says. "What about Kevin?" I ask cautiously. "He can't stop me from doing anything," Jay shrugs, and starts to push me in the direction of the staff room enthusiastically. I give him a weird look, and he lets go of me. "I realised how much I miss spending time with you," he mumbles. It warms my heart considerably, but I can't ignore that aching hole in my stomach.

I drive the both of us to the bar, since Jay's car was apparently with Kevin. It's a different bar from the one that we last went to, this one's more friendly, and doesn't have any strippers. Which is perfectly fine by me, I'm not sure if I can take another mental breakdown from Jay. He drags me in, and a pretty lady behind the counter winks at us. "This place is awesome," he declares, and shoves me in the general direction of one of the booths. "What do you want to drink?" he asks. "Whatever you're having, thanks," I murmur, and go back to staring at the walls of the bar. Jay is literally the most confusing person I've ever met. And should I be feeling guilty about going out with Jay –granted, as friends- while his boyfriend is ill?

I somehow manage to shove all my Jay worries away, and enjoy the night with said guy. He's even more talkative and affectionate when he's slightly buzzed. In the midst of all that talking, he falls silent and picks up the glass, looking at it. Suddenly, he sighs. "You know, I don't really like Kevin," he says. I stare at him. "What?" I say, not daring to believe him. "I. Don't . Really. Like. Kevin," he spells out. "Then why are you two…" Jay shrugs, and leans back. "Well, I'm in love with this other guy, but he probably doesn't return feelings for me…and it hurts, y'know? So I hooked up with Kevin to sort of….fill…that empty void. The sex is an added bonus," he winks at me, before his face drops again. "But Kevin never lets me top, he always insists that I bottom, and it gets frustrating," he continues. "And sometimes, he's rough with me. There was one time when he was angry with something at work, and came home, ripped my clothes off and just forced his stupid cock into my ass, and it made me bleed, but hey, I won't complain because he's my boyfriend," Jay finishes off, and takes another long drink. He offers the bottle to me. "Want any?" he asks. I shake my head, too dazed to answer. Jay had literally poured out his entire relationship to me, and he wasn't even that drunk. "So..are you alright?" I ask him nervously. "Why wouldn't I be? I'm used to being treated like a piece of shit, anyway. Nothing but a fuck toy, Kevin is like an angel compared to…" his voice trails off, and he shudders. "Compared to?"I prod. Maybe he will finally tell me about that seemingly dark past of his. "Nothing, " he mumbles, and slumps onto the table. There is a slightly awkward silence, until Jay looks up at me suddenly. "Don't tell Kevin I said that, alright?" he asks, and I reassure him with a nod. His face breaks into a grin. "Ready to leave, then? Unless you want another drink?" he says, a little hopefully. I decline reluctantly. It was already half past midnight, and there was work tomorrow.

I open the door for Jay, who smirks at me and climbs in. I'm about to walk over to the driver's seat, when someone screams behind me. "Eric Hunter! What the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend?" Kevin. "Aren't you supposed to be ill?" I snap. He frowns at me, and yanks Jay out of my car, cradling him protectively. As though I was some pedophile that was about to rape Jay. "I was taking a walk," he hissed. "And here you were, getting all cozy with him." I fight the urge to punch Kevin right in the middle of his stupid, handsome face. "I was not! Look, we just went out for a casual after work drink, and I'm giving him a lift home!" I shout back. Kevin opens his mouth, but is silenced by a slender, pale hand moving up to slap him on the face lightly. "He's right, you asshole. Stop shouting at Eric and let go of me," Jay scowls, and struggles to remove Kevin's arms from around him. I smirk at Kevin. "Stay out of this." He growls down at Jay, who managed to wrench himself free. "Shut up, the both of you. It's too late for this kind of shit," he grumbles. "I said, stay out of this!" Kevin slaps Jay across the face, and he steps back slowly, looking hurt and shocked. "Why the fuck did you slap him? He didn't do anything wrong!" I snap. "Why do you care so much?" he yells back, shoving me backwards. I nearly stumble off the curb, but manage to stop myself from looking like a total ass. "Because he's my friend! Stop acting like you own him, you possessive asshole," I hiss, and he takes a step forward. "Shut up!" he snarls, and raises his hand to hit me. I grab it, and wrench it backwards, pushing him away from the car. And, just like that, the seemingly harmless verbal banter becomes a physical brawl. He has a discarded bottle in his hand raised high, but it drops to the ground harmlessly when Jay yanks it out of his hand and flings it into a nearby garbage can. "I said, stop it," he hisses. Kevin glares at me, before grabbing onto Jay's arm. "Come on, I'll bring you home," he smiles at Jay and I feel my inside curl up.

To my surprise, Jay wrenches his arm away and cradles it. "No…let go," he snaps, and I offer my hand. "I'll bring you home?" I ask. He shakes his head. "Don't want either of you. Go away," he gives the both of us an accusing scowl, and stumbles off. "Don't follow me," he shouts over his shoulder, and disappears into the cold night.

Kevin stares after his retreating boyfriend, looking like Jay had just slapped him. "Maybe…we should go after him?" I finally say. Kevin shoves me towards my car. "Stay out of this, I'll go after him myself," he snarls, and storms off. I watch him leave, and finally drive home.

Jay's POV

It's cold out here, and I curse myself for not wearing a jacket. I stare up at the dark sky. The moon is covered by thick, heavy clouds, and there are no stars. "You'd better not rain," I mutter, and continue walking in the vague direction of my home. Or at least, I think. The last thing I wanted to do was wander through the rain. I remember seeing Kevin and Eric fight, and somehow, it riddles me with guilt. It's probably dangerous walking home alone at this time at night, in this neighborhood, but there is no way I'm getting into a car with any of those two. Kevin will probably fuck my ass raw, which is the last thing I want. Eric will just make me feel even more frustrated. He'll make me feel like a child wanting a toy that he can never have. I hear footsteps behind me, and quicken my pace. Lightning cuts across the sky, lighting up the path for a split second. I smile, despite myself. "Maybe I should break up with Kevin," I think to myself, but it's probably exhaustion that's talking. Suddenly, my eyelids feel heavy, too heavy, and I fight the urge to curl up in a dark corner of the street and sleep. It's starting to drizzle, and as another streak of lighting cuts across the sky, I realize that I don't recognize my surroundings. Panic cuts through me. Wasn't I going on the right path just a minute ago? The rain gets heavier, and I look around frantically, and nearly crash into a person who had somehow appeared in my path.

"Kevin? I said, go away," I shout out at the figure in front of me, but it just laughs and comes closer. "Who's Kevin, gorgeous?" The figure's voice is male and deep. But not in the alluring way. It's deep in the scary, I'm-going-to-kill-you sort of way. It sounds rough and sounds overused. "M..my boyfriend," I stutter a little. "Not very nice of him, leaving you out alone in such a place, is he?" the man leers at me, and I shake my head. "I ran away from him," I reply. His grin widens, and another flash of lightning lights up my face. Suddenly, his eyes widen. "I know you.." he says, and grabs my face in between his hands. Dread creeps into me. "You were one of Jarrod's whores," he says, and I shake my head desperately. "No," I try to push him away, but he holds me in place. "Where did you go, you pretty thing?" he murmurs. "Everyone misses you," he runs his hands up my back, and I shudder. "Jarrod's gone," I try to wriggle out of his grip, but he's too strong. His face darkens, and he uses a leg to pin my ankle to the wall. "Not anymore. You saw him a few weeks ago, didn't you?" he smirks. I shake my head again, but he doesn't care. "I've always wanted to fuck you," he says, and I stiffen, not daring to think of what was probably going to happen next.

Without warning, he rips my shirt off. "Stop!" I cry desperately, but it just results in him ripping out a part of the fabric and gagging me with it. He pins me to the wall by my wrists, and I struggle to escape from the death grip. Which, isn't all that easy, considering the fact that he's huge, like some fucking bodybuilder. I stare up at him, pleading silently. It doesn't seem to affect him though. "I'm Dexter, by the way. Jarrod's one of my oldest friends," he grins down at me. "Take this as a lesson. Once a whore, always a whore," he says, and he slams my head against the concrete. I fight to remain conscious, and he continues to remove the rest of my clothing.

He starts to pound into me. Blood doesn't serve as a good lubricant, and with every raise of his hips, I feel myself tear even more. "Poor little Jay. Not even his boyfriend wants to come and save him," Dexter sneers, and drives himself deeper into my ass. "He doesn't know about your past, does he?" Dexter asks. I shake my head weakly. "Do you want me to tell him?" I shake my head harder. No one, not even Eric, knew the full details of my past. And I wanted to keep it that way. "He won't want you anymore, will he?" He slams me against the brick wall, and I wince as my bare skins scrapes again the uneven surface. Was the true? If Kevin knew who I used to be, would he chuck me aside? I push the thought out of my head, that was bullshit. Kevin…he loved me, didn't he? Suddenly, Dexter lets out a moan, filling my ass to the brim. He pulls himself out, and shoves me against a pile of discarded wood. "Listen up, slut," he sneers. "No one will ever want you. You're better off dead."

He eventually gets up to leave, taking my clothes with him. "For Jarrod," he said. "To let him know I fucked his little whore." I fight the urge to gag. Just as Dexter is about to walk off, another figure steps into the alley. "Jay?" a very familiar voice calls out. It's Kevin. I try to scream at him through the gag, but it sounds like a muffled whine. "Jay? Are you there? " he shouts again, and he walks into the alleyway, eyes immediately falling on me. "Sorry I took so long, I got…" he stops. "Jay..?" he whispers. I nod, and he shifts his gaze to Dexter. "Who are you?" he growls. Dexter shrugs, and gives a nasty grin. "Just teaching this whore a lesson," he says. "Don't call my boyfriend that," he snarls, and Dexter laughs. "It's the truth. Hasn't your precious little slut ever told you what he used to work as?" Kevin opens his mouth, but Dexter continues," I'll tell you. He used to be a prostitute, a stripper, a fucking dancer. He's probably been used by half the men in this area," his grin is Cheshire like now. "Go ahead, ask him if that's true." Kevin looks down at me. "Is that true?" he asks softly. I bow my head, not daring to look him in the eye. "Answer him," Dexter bends down and uses a hand to force my head up. "I'm sorry," I choke out. Kevin doesn't say anything, and Dexter drops my head and I wince as he slams his foot into my ribs. "Goodnight, gentlemen," he says, and strides off, taking my last shred of hope and dignity with him.

Kevin's hair is damp from the rain, and falls in front of his eyes. But the disgust in them are so obvious, it hurts. He keeps quiet, and I try to avoid his gaze. "I'm…Kevin, I can explain…just..please…don't…" Suddenly, he steps back. "You filthy, pathetic excuse of a human," he snarls, and it hurts. "Kevin…don't…" I plead, but he doesn't listen. "You make me sick," he continues, and it rips my heart into two. It's not like I hold deep, profound feelings for him, but it's still a slap to the face. He turns around, and I panic. There was no way I was able to make it home alone, and the fact that I was naked pretty much guaranteed rape. I force myself to stand, and end up crumpling into another pile at his feet. I grab his hand. "Please…I know you're angry..but…bring me home? To my place, or just a shelter," I plead. He shakes his hand off and pushes me away. "Fuck off," he says in a low voice. I shake my head. I hate to sink so low as to beg, but I didn't want a repetition of tonight. "Don't leave me alone," I beg, and suddenly, he swivels around and shoves me back into the wall. I cry out as something stabbed into the back of my leg, probably a loose nail from one of the boards. "Listen up," he hisses. "I don't give a fuck if you die or not. In fact, I hope you rot to death here. Because that's all a slut is worth," he shouts, and leaves the place. And I sit back and allow myself to cry.

I curl up into a corner and sit there for a while. It's still dark out, maybe around three in the morning. The rain isn't stopping, and by now, I'm shivering like crazy. I stare out at the dirty concrete around me, and suddenly see something in a corner. My phone. I scramble to pick it up, praying that the water hadn't ruined it yet. It was still usable, and I take a deep breath and dial a familiar number.

Eric's POV

It's around three in the morning when my phone rings. I groan and ignore it, but it continues to ring. I yank the sheets over my head, but the caller seems persistent. Cursing, I reach over and grab the phone, checking the caller ID. Jay. Confused, I hit answer and bring the phone to my ear. "Jay? It's three in the morning, what do you want?" I grumble. "I'm sorry, Eric," he whispers. "I need your help," he continues hoarsely. "What?" I ask, slightly more awake now. Something about that tone of his voice isn't right. "Can you pick me up?" he asks. I strain to hear him over the sound of rain in the background of wherever he is. "Why not ask Kevin?" I say, a bit spitefully. I hear a choked sob on the other end of the line, and he finally mumbles," You. Just come please," he pleads, and I don't have the heart to say no. "Where are you?" I ask. There is a slight silence, and he gives me some vague directions. I write them down. "I'll be there as quick as I can," I say. "Hurry," he whispers, and the line goes dead. I grab my keys and pull on a shirt, praying to god that he was alright.

I finally find the alley that he's talking about. The scent of blood fills the air, mixed in with rain. I step in cautiously, and hold up a flashlight. "Jay?" I call out, and a figure crawls out from behind a stack of discarded wood and metal. "Eric.. he mumbles, and promptly collapses at my feet. I blushed as I take in his state of undress, but it vanishes as I realize how fucked up he looked. Dried blood streaked his legs and arms. It dripped off his hair, mixing in with the dirt that covered his pale form. His cheekbones looked slightly weird, jutting out at strange angles, and one of his legs was sliced all the way up , while the other had a twisted ankle. I bend down and pick him up in my arms. He clings into me immediately, and bites his bleeding lips. "What happened?" I ask. He shakes his head. "Tell you later…" he mumbles. I nod, and try to get him to stand. He cries out again and collapses back onto the ground. "Just try on one leg?" I ask. He bites his lip and nods, putting a bit of pressure on the bleeding leg while leaning the rest of his body on mine. Slowly, I half drag him back to my car. The moment he's seated, I remove my jacket and wrap it around his shivering form. He whispers a word of thanks, and curls up in the seat. I turn up the heater, but he doesn't stop shivering. The drive back is quiet. Without asking him, I help him into my apartment and deposit him onto the carpet gently. "Wait here," I say, and he nods. I wrap the jacket around him again and run off quickly to run a bath for him.

He's half asleep when I reach him, and I prod him gently to wake him up. He smiles up at me, and allows me to carry him into the bathroom. "Call me if you need anything, try and get clean and I'll check your wounds later," I say. He nods quietly, and I walk out, leaving the door open slightly and getting some clean clothes and a towel from my dresser. I pull out the first aid box, and set it on the bed. I'm just pulling the sheets straight when there is a loud crash. I nearly fall over in my haste to get over to the bathroom, and am just in time to see Jay picking himself up from the ground, and failing miserably. "Shouldn't have tried to get out on my own…" he mumbles, and I bend down to help him up. "Dumbass," I laugh, giving him an affectionate smile. He drapes a long arm around my shoulders and I help him onto the bed. "Clothes," I say, and push them towards Jay. He shakes his head and points to the first aid box. "That first," he replies. "At least put on some underwear," I tell him, and he rolls his eyes but grabs the pair of boxers from my hands. I scoot closer and peer down at his leg. The cut was long, but it didn't seem to be infected nor deep. "Maybe we should get you to a hospital instead…" I suggest, and Jay shakes his head wildly. "Please don't," he whispers pleadingly. "Scared of doctors?" I ask, and he doesn't say anything. I suspect that there is more to it than fear, but don't press on.
Instead, I grab a bag of ice and tell him to ice his ankle while I work on cleaning the wound and wrapping it up. Next, I move on to his ribs. He doesn't say anything and I gently pressed at the protruding skin that hid his ribs. He winces as my fingers run over the lower left side of his chest, and I lift my hand immediately. "Hurts?" I ask, and he nods. "Doesn't feel broken…" I mumble as I gently outline his ribcage. "Probably just a bit bruised," he says, and I move on to his cheekbones. "Hurts to smile," he mutters, and I run my fingers over the uneven angle of his right cheekbones. It's slightly swollen, and I wince internally. "Better see a doctor about that," I say, and he stares down at his hands, not saying a word. "I'll bring you tomorrow," I offer, and he sighs. "Come on, I don't want your pretty face to be ruined," I try again, and he finally looks up. "Fine," he agrees reluctantly. "Go to sleep," I pull the blanket over his still half bare body, and he snuggles in. "Night," I get up to go, but he grabs my wrist. "Where are you going?" he asks. "I'll sleep on the couch," I explain. Jay's face falls, and he tightens his grip. "Stay with me?" he whispers, and I don't have the heart to say no. I pull my shirt off and climb in beside him. Jay immediately curls up into my chest, and I fall asleep to his soft, steady breathing.