Dead in Love

By Mell Eight

Prompt: nothing you can do

Warnings: m/m

When Gil woke up he already knew he was dead. He got to his feet, scowling at the dirty alley his body had been dumped in. The least his attackers could have done was leave his body in the open so he could die and reawaken in the comfort of a proper after-death hospital. There would have been packs of blood waiting for him or a willing donor to offer him a wrist. Heck, the hospital staff would even have tried their best to get the bloody stain off the collar of his shirt.

Instead he trudged home on his own. There was a blood vendor on the corner near the park so Gil stopped to stock up. Eventually the shock would wear off and he would be ravenous; the mandatory creature culture class he had taken in high school had prepared him for what would happen should he be bitten or turned. Most humans were bitten at least once during their lives and a third of them ended up getting turned. Not that many newly turned vampires lived more than fifty years anyway before some sort of supernatural problem killed them. It kept the world from getting overrun. Until someone figured out how to stop the minority of vampires from attacking humans recklessly, the amount of vampires was an issue that reappeared in the news fairly often.

There was nothing anyone could do about the vampire scourge. Actually, for the most part it was just an accepted inevitability. All Gil needed to do when he got home was call the office and he would get moved to the night shift, easy as that. It was actually kind of sad that vampire attacks were such a normalized part of society, but now that Gil was a vampire himself he could appreciate it.

He walked up the steps to his apartment building and dug his key out of his pocket to let himself into his apartment. Holly hissed at him from where she was lounging on the back of his couch. After a few seconds his silly cat recognized him and her gray fur settled down on her back. Gil ignored her—she would get used to him eventually—and picked up his cellphone from where he had left it to charge while he had gone to run errands. He called work first, speaking with his human resources person to tell them he would be working 8 PM to 4 AM from then on. Then he called his mother and left a message on her machine, not that she would bother to check it. Once those necessities were out of the way he called the vampire attack hotline to inform them about his vampire attack.

It was when he was throwing out his eggs in the kitchen that Gil started to shake. The carton dropped to the floor with a crack and yellow egg goo began to seep onto the cheap linoleum. Gil sank to the floor, his knees suddenly too weak to hold his own weight.

He didn't remember the attack. There was a sense of fear as he walked down the sidewalk towards the local convenience store and then total nothingness. Somewhere during that blank span he had died. Died! But he couldn't remember it at all and that really bothered him.

"Oh, you poor dear," a voice penetrated Gil's hyperventilating. Gil forced his head to move so he could look up at the intruder. His upstairs neighbor, a vampire of indeterminate age, was standing in his kitchen. "Let's get you up and fed and we'll start to figure out your afterlife."

Richie was a vampire counselor, Gil knew, and had probably been given Gil's case due to his proximity. Help would be nice, Gil realized as he finally forced a deep breath into his lungs. He didn't need to actually breathe, Gil realized when he didn't have any sparkly black spots dotting his vision.

Richie held out one hand and Gil reached out with his shaking one to clasp it tight. A tingle went through Gil's hand at contact, but Richie didn't seem to notice as he pulled Gil to his feet. They ended up standing face to face and all Gil could see was blue. Richie's eyes were blue, so bright, and it was all Gil could see. He was drowning in blue.

"Oh, darling," Richie breathed. "Your afterlife with me won't be so bad." He smiled and Gil could suddenly see happiness brightening the blue from robin's egg to the color of a cloudless sky. Richie tilted his head and leaned closer until he pressed his lips against Gil's. Gil's knees collapsed again, but this time it was as a shiver rolled down his spine.

"Okay?" Gil asked, no idea what was going on.

"Yes, it's okay," Richie agreed, his lips feathering against Gil's as he spoke. "Don't worry. We'll take it one step at a time." He didn't let go of Gil's hand as he pulled Gil out of the kitchen towards the couch. Gil followed willingly, suddenly certain that becoming a vampire might be the best thing to ever happen to him.