Doll Face

Part One:

The doll was quite frightening and ugly, Helena tried to act glad and put on a fake smile. "Thanks Grandma, it's nice." she said. The doll's face was white with rosy red cheeks, its hair was yellow and it wore a faded blue dress.

"I had her since I was a little girl." Grandma said, "Her name's Lilim."

It was hard for Helena to even look at the creepy thing, but she did not want to hurt her grandma's feelings. The doll's eyes were wide and blue. They stared at her so hauntingly, how could Grandma had kept this doll for so long?

"I know you probably think you're too old for dolls but this doll is different. It's special."

"I know Grandma, it's from you so of course it's special." she said and then hugged her grandma. She didn't really like the doll but it had come from Grandma who she loved more than anyone. The only person she could always talk to, the one who was always there.

"Well I better get going your grandpa might throw a fit" she said. She patted Helena on the head. "Tell your mom I said, goodbye." She gave her granddaughter a quick hug and left out the front door.


It was strange that Grandma had left so early. Helena was thinking as she sat Lilim down on on her bed. She looked at the doll and cringed. Maybe it was better if she kept Lilim in the closet. She picked up the doll and sat it in there, being careful not to break it's glass face. She took one last glance at the hideous thing and closed the door. Helena sighed and walked in her mom's room that was right next to her's.

"Hey mom." Helena said. Her mom laid on the bed, like always. No one quite knew why but her mom could not even stand without feeling pain. It was a mystery why it started happening. However, the doctors insisted that it was all psychological.

"Did Grandma leave already?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, something about Grandpa...she gave me an old doll of hers"

"That Lilim doll? That thing always used to creep me out." Mom said. Helena smiled, which most would find hard to do around the depressing sight that was her mother. Her blonde hair was a mess, she wore a filthy pink nightgown that she had not changed in months. She rarely bathed and would not let anyone touch her, so no one could wash her off. She sometimes even laid in her own shit and piss for days.

"Mom, I'm a little tired. I'm going to get some sleep." Helena said. She gave her mother a quick kiss on the cheek and went back to her room.

Helena laid on her bed, her blue eyes were soon becoming sleepy. It didn't take long before she fell soundly asleep. It was only the afternoon but Helena often napped during this time.


She was awoken by screaming, Helena first thought she was imagining it. But when the screaming grew louder she jerked herself out of the bed.

"Mom!" she cried. She guessed that her mom had fallen out of bed again. It had happened before and had taken a long time to get her back in. Helena ran out of her room lighting fast. So fast that she did not notice the closet door wide open with no doll.

Helena burst though her mom's door and nearly fell backwards at the sight before her. Her mother was covered in blood and she had now stopped screaming. She was dead.

What stood over the corpse was a large creature. It's lower body was spotted like a leopard. The creature's entire body was massive. Large frightening claws came from it's hands. It's face was the face of the very doll her grandmother had gave her. It had clawed at her mother's body, savagely ripping out the woman's viscera.

Helena stood frozen with fear, and then she screamed. She then ran, the beast followed after her as it roared and grunted. She ran down the steps as fast as she could, panting in fear. The doll faced beast stood at the top of the stairs and let out a loud roar. Helena took one quick glance at it and then ran quickly out the front door.