Part Two:

The beast did not follow her out of the house, but still Helena ran as fast as she could. The sun had gone down so no one roamed the neighborhood. She would go to Grandma's house and call the police but the question was, would anyone actually believe her? If she told them what she saw they would probably lock her up in a mental institution.

Grandma's house was just down the street so she got there fairly quickly. She ran to the front door where she tried to turn the knob. It was locked. Frantically, she banged on the door. Please wake up, she thought, but soon Grandma answered. Helena felt a wave of relief when she saw the tired old woman standing there in her nightgown.

"Helena, what's wrong? Get in here." she said sweetly.

"Grandma I need to call the cops!" Helena cried as she hurried into the house where she quickly began looking for the phone.

"Slow down dear and keep your voice down, Grandpa's sleeping." the old woman said. "Calm yourself, please."

"You don't understand, Mom's dead! It killed her!" she hollered, "Where's the damn phone?!"

"I got rid of that irritating thing a long time ago and what exactly killed your mother?" Grandma's calmness was shocking. How could she be so nonchalant about her daughter being killed? As much as Helena loved the old woman, right now she wanted to shake her.

"Grandma, we need to get to the police." Helena said, growing really frustrated.

"No Helena, the police can't solve anything. Just have a seat and tell grandma what happened." the woman said calmly.

Helena was becoming so angry it almost covered up her fear. She remembered the monster with it's lower body dotted with leopard spots, it's terrifying sharp claws and it's glass doll face. The face of the doll, Lilim. That doll had somehow turned into a monster. And here Grandma was, being so calm and collected about her granddaughter's terror. This could not be happening, she thought, How could this be happening?!

"The doll you gave me, it killed Mom." Helena told her. Grandma's face filled with amusement, causing Helena's hands to ball into fists.

"Now Lilim...I mean Helena, I think you need to get some sleep."

"No Grandma it's true," Helena snapped, "It turned into some kind of monster!" She had always turned to her Grandma when she was having problems. But right now her grandmother was useless. The old woman just looked at her, smiling, as if she were a small child.

"So it's finally happened." Grandma said suddenly.

Those words nearly knocked Helena off her feet. "What?!"

"Lilim is of course no ordinary doll. She was given to me by a strange old woman, who told me that Lilim would someday transform into a beast...a beast that would follow my command." she explained, smiling.

Helena's eyes widened and her eyes began to swell with tears. She felt so betrayed by the old woman who she had always trusted. "My mom's dead and you don't even care!"

"Your mother was already dead, she couldn't even get out of bed. And you know what? It was her choice she was too weak to face life."

"How could you even say that? Who the hell are you?"

"You know who I am, Helena."

"Why would you even give that ugly doll to me?!"

"Because, I gave up. I thought I would never get my beast. I thought that perhaps the old woman had deceived me. By the way the beast should be coming soon."

Helena fell back onto the couch, her thoughts spinning madly. She had to get out of here, away from Grandma. But where would she go? She would have to think of that later, "I'm leaving." she said as she stood back up.

"No you're not. The beast won't harm you, since it should be at my command." Grandma told her.

Before Helena could reply, there was a knock at the door and she froze.

"I'll get it." Grandma said. She walked to the door, when she opened it she let out a squeal of excitement. "Lilim!" she cried happily. Helena began to step back in panic, not paying attention she tripped over the coffee table and fell back onto the couch.

Grandma walked in and she was holding the doll in her arms. It was back to normal. She she sat in the armchair where she stroked it's yellow hair.

"Come on, Lilim. Let me see the real you, at last." Grandma kissed the doll on the forehead and then sat it on the floor in front of her. Helena's eyes looked on in shock as Lilim's eyes began to glow bright blue. Just like nothing, in the blink of an eye, it became the beast that had killed her helpless mother.

"No! No! No!" Helena cried hysterically.

Grandma stood up and she and the monster began to embrace one another. "Helena, this is pretty much your sister now. Come here and give her a hug." Grandma said.

"No, I won't go near that hideous thing. And I have no family, not anymore." Helena shouted, but still top afraid to move.

"Now, Helena you're pathetic just like your mother." the old woman then whispered something into the monster's ear. Helena was now crying uncontrollably and shaking, she probably did look pathetic as Grandma had said.

Lilim began slowly walking towards her and she began screaming, it was almost mocking her. It grabbed the girl by the throat, lifting her up high. It's sharp claws digging into her neck. "Please!" Helena pleaded. The beast's blank eyes stared at her, the doll face more frightening than ever. It's eyes began to glow again, the light felt as if it would blind her.

Helena cried out as the light became brighter and brighter. It caused her flesh to melt off her body, until she was nothing but bones. With those eyes it had taken her very soul.

A/N: The name Lilim comes from mythology, also called Lilin though. Just saying.