Storm clouds prowled the sky, lightning flashed and thunder roared. The perfect day to disappear. Cold rain poured from the heavens, drenching the figure below. Long, white hair clung to her face and neck as she wove deftly threw the forest. Powdery white wings were tightly folded to her body to keep them from getting in the way. Her bright red eyes searched the trees, blinking away droplets of water. Her plain blue dress was muddy and clung to her ivory skin as she ran.

A flash of lightning fleetingly lit up the trees, revealing a familiar looking tree. Even if there was no light, she knew by heart what it looked like. It was a tall, proud tree, with a thick trunk, and branches reaching towards the stars draped with lush green leaves. She skidded to a halt before it. Water streamed down her face, her full, red lips down her body to meet with the ground below. Threw half closed eyes, she slowly walked towards the tree. Reaching out, she gently placed a long, slender hand on the rough bark.

The world seemed to fall away. The wetness, noise and cold faded away as she stood there, linked to the tree with a delicate hand. A strong, constant in her twisted life.

She walked past the tree, letting her hand fall as she entered the clearing. A circle of trees framed the hideaway. She stood there in the rain, letting it to wash away all of the worries and sadness away. A small smile tugged at her lips. Only here, did she feel safe, not the Sanctuary that holds the paranormal. She closed her eyes and sank to the ground, the wet grass and flowers slapping her legs and arms.

Images flashed beneath the lids of her eyes as she thought of the Sanctuary. For centuries, it hosted people and animals that were rejected and scorned by humans. Airy chambers for the winged, large pools of salt and fresh water for the finned, and so on.

Tears pricked her eyes but she fought to keep them back. She shouldn't cry. She had a safe place to stay, a bed to sleep in and food to eat. But she would never fit in. The Sky Dancers made it so. The clan she was born in scorned her because she was albino. Just because she had white wings and hair instead of grey and black.

Shaking her head, she opened her eyes. The world was beautiful, if you can only open your eyes. She learned that when she was young child. Eighteen now, she can leave everyone behind to seek out her own life. But she stayed. She stayed to be noticed and to teach them kindness, love and beauty. Only then, would she leave

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