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She stood there, frozen with fear. Thoughts darted around her mind as she watched a person stood up from behind a bush. His yellow gold hair was windblown, like it always is, and his green eyes looked at her with something similar to awe and pity. Zora. That was his name, she remembered.

Fear squeezed her chest till it was all she could do to stay there. Tears were waiting to erupt into life but she fought them back. Why was he here? No one could enter this clearing; much less hear her sing, unless- She stopped herself. No, that's not possible. Why would someone like him hold a Great Secret?

At that thought Zora took a step towards her. Panic got the better of her, flooding her veins and warming her body. Snapping out her wings, she jumped into the air and pushed down with them. The gust of wind from the wings whipped her hair into her face and tugged at her clothes and Zora, she saw, ducked down and covered his face when leaves and twigs catapulted themselves at his tall, lean figure.

She arose higher and higher in the air and she started to calm down with each flap of her sleek, white wings. Circling the clearing, by some protective urge within her, she discovered that Zora was still there, watching her. Fear burst again in her chest, not fear for herself, she had stopped feeling fear for herself a while ago, but fear for the clearing he was standing in. Would he claim it as his own? Or would he destroy it? Sadness flooded her thin frame, if he was going to destroy the only good thing in her life, she didn't want to watch.

She flew higher still, till she was above the fluffy white clouds that were scattered across the sky. She reached down and trailed her hand threw the cloud below her. The white vapor swirled and parted as her hand passed by, droplets of water collected on her slim hand, pale like the rest of her body. The clouds and the sky seemed to send her gentle kisses as she glided by, leaving and gaining nothing but a memory that she was ever there.

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