Wander Wonder

Magical Matrix - Prologue

A long time ago, there were only angels and demons, fighting over Heaven and Hell.

But one day, the angels killed in battle began to reincarnate into a new kind of being. They were named humans. But they were unable to fight, and were sent to live in a place named Earth. Then they lived in peace for a while or... something like that...

Uh, then the demons attacked Earth, for whatever reason. The angels managed to intercept the demon force, and repelled them. But the humans were left with only a tiny island to live on. Then they decided to help fight against the demons even though they were powerless, and some sort of divine miracle gave humans the ability to use Magic.

The divine miracle should have just struck down the demons instead, shouldn't it? I mean...


Anyway, that boring old story is finished, so on to the next recollection.

I had been sent by Heaven with only one brother. Humans typically reincarnated in groups of five, so it seems to have been a slightly unusual case.

When we reached age five, we should have had enough mana - the resource for using magic - in our bodies, and were sent to the tests to determine our magical element. It's a simple test, just send the mana in the body into an Element Crystal held in the hand. The mana should convert into a magical energy corresponding to the human's magical element.

When I sent my mana into the crystal... it barely reacted. A small spark. Apparently that means my magical talent is almost non-existent. As a result, I was assigned to be a Helper. This is an untypical task. Most humans just end up as Mages of whatever element they found.

My brother... had absolutely no reaction in his crystal. But it wasn't the same case as mine. An extra unusual result, that required further testing. I don't know what was done, but they determined he had the unique element, Void. Apparently this element will only show up in one human, and won't appear in any others until the current Void Mage has died. Based on this element, they assigned him the sacred task of Garbage Mage.

Another boring old story, but at least I was in this one.