Wander Wonder

Just Journey - 08

It all happened within a breath of time, and the Elf and guards were left staring at the vacant cell.

"One of them has escaped?! We'll chase after her, Gadwin, stay behind and look after the other. We'll call someone to help you." Following the metallic din, the only ones left behind now were the hybrid Elf inmate and a guard named Gadwin.

Gadwin was confused. With the countermeasures in place, only a Max Class Spirit could have been forcibly summoned through the Spirit Warding Incense. That, or somebody else had helped disperse it beforehand. From the appearance of Thetra's Spirit, it clearly wasn't a Max Class, so it should be the other option.

There should have been patrols going around the outside though, any suspicious figures should have been stopped by them. Perhaps someone had disguised themselves as one of the guards? Or perhaps the guards outside had been disabled. In either case, there was a possibility of the accomplice still being nearby. For what reason? Perhaps to break out the other...

"Are you another accomplice?"

The Elf was seemingly unable to understand, and spoke in words that left Gadwin in the same situation. The words didn't seem to be directed towards anyone in particular, and he continued to speak towards the air in front of him.

At that moment, a crashing sound resounded as the front entrance was broken open.

Gadwin swiveled around to see Thetra standing there, the Fire Spirit still beside her. "Halt-"

With barely enough time to get out even a word, Thetra suddenly flew past Gadwin. Such speed left Gadwin staring blankly in shock, before turning around. Had she come back to release the other prisoner?

No, apparently it was to burn down the records. While the record books were currently being incinerated, Gadwin suddenly realized that he had left the new book he'd borrowed from the leader on the desk which was only ashes now. The fire was starting to spread out of control, slowly creeping towards the cells.

If it was like this, Gadwin had no choice but to run over and release the Elf, or he would burn to death.

Gadwin's cautious creeping towards the cell while fearing Thetra's focus and being roasted seemed like a needless worry. She simply stood watching the blaze in daze.

The fire was quickly spreading now, exploding out of control. Gadwin suddenly ran over to release the Elf, abandoning all caution. After swiftly unlocking the cell, the Elf pushes past Gadwin and begins to run.

"Hold it!"

Though he could not have understood the words shouted by Gadwin, the Elf unexpectedly stopped. Then pointed. Looking towards the direction of the finger, Gadwin saw Thetra still standing blankly in the blaze.

"Dammit, what's wrong with you?" Coughing out smoke while rushing over towards Thetra, Gadwin reached out to grab her and carry her out. The moment before contact, all the flames within the building were extinguished in an instant.

Awareness and regret slowly filled her eyes as Thetra regained lucidity. Without a word, she then ran through a broken burned down wall and into the nearby woods. The reaction of the other two were slow, but the Elf was the first to act and began to run after her. The moment the Elf approached the collapsed wall, he was easily physically restrained by Gadwin.

Breathing heavily on top of the grounded Elf, Gadwin was worriedly thinking about what the proper course of action would be from here. This definitely wasn't a situation that he was used to. In a couple more breaths of the smoky air, they suddenly realized the Spirit Incense could no longer be smelled.

"Come, Spi-"

Before his call could be completed, Gadwin was briefly knocked into the air by a sudden gust. Falling back onto the ground with a harsh impact, groaning while unsteadily getting back up. Looking around, there were some of the outside patrol laying on the ground.

"Come, Spirit of Water!"

Summoning a Water Spirit, Gadwin shot some water into the patrol's unconscious faces. They began to stir lightly, relieving Gadwin. Looking back towards the woods, there were tracks left from the messy escape of the two inmates. Dismissing the Water Spirit, Gadwin concentrated the spirit within their legs to empower them. With a boost of speed, he quickly began to catch up.

Soon enough, Gadwin momentarily stopped at a crossroads, the tracks left behind led to two different paths. Gadwin could only vaguely see a single figure running on either path, there was no way to capture them both now. With a quick decision, Gadwin made up their mind and ran on the left path.