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It was late.

Far into the hours of the night, the streets of New York city going about its usual after hours business; Men coming home from the bar (or what their loved ones knew as 'late hours at the office') policemen doing night rounds in their old beat up cop cars and even the occasional stray animal would scamper under the dimmed street lamps as they searched for food.

It was what could be called a regular night in the Big Apple.

But not everyone was asleep on the seemingly average night.

Lights, flashes of bright white, faintly lit up a row of old black tinted windows off the side of the Museum of Natural History, it's grand old walls-which had stood for who knows how long-hiding whatever strange activity was going on inside.

But if someone were to venture inside and look around the closed building, they would find nothing out of the ordinary.

The various showcases of some of the worlds oldest discoveries would still be standing there, keeping the secrets of their time locked away behind blank, stuffed expressions. Even some of the cleverest of scientists and historians couldn't figure them out, locked away for only their minds. Their times.

Although looking to be an empty hall, no one would notice that the thin space between the broken down soda machine and the floor seemed to come alive with a bright light, a quiet yet distinctive whirring and buzzing ringing out through the eerie hallways that were filled with dead eyed stares.

Inside was lost to all but only the most imaginative of minds.

The walls were lined with machines of all sizes; big ones, small ones. Some with buttons, some with leavers and even some with switches. Each one blinked with miniature, coloured glass lights, looking like a showcase at Christmas time, as they processed all the information that was being fed through the electrical wires pooled at the bottom of each of them.

Like a mess of snakes the wires wormed themselves all around the room before meeting in the middle, connected to a pedestal that stood as tall as a mans waist. Two people poked and prodded at their creation which sat plainly on the pedestal, their white lab coats billowing around their legs. They had been working long into the night, determined to finish before the morning rays first hit the pavements of New York city.

Finally one scientist let out a heavy sigh, stepping away from the pedestal with a small welder clutched tightly in his hand. He placed it on the work table beside the pedestal, taking off his protective goggles and rubbing his brown eyes tiredly before his fingers tugged at the small beard on his pointed chin. His partner, a slim woman with long chestnut hair and similar brown eyes cautiously approached him. She knew that whenever he did this, it meant that he was pleased with himself, but she was still unsure in this aspect of his mind.

"Well?" her objective was clear; she wanted an answer to the unasked question that lay between them.

"Route all the main circuits so that every possible outlet leads into the main power supplier," the man said, his voice gruff and thick with exhaustion as he walked past her, heading towards the control pad/tool station.

She nodded obediently, doing as he requested with a few simple flicks of switches and pressings of buttons. After everything had been calibrated, numerated and re-routed, the female joined her partner, standing beside him as his hand hovered over a single switch.

Her eyes stayed on his finger, watching it twitch as it stayed on its spot. She slipped her hand into his, squeezing it gently. He almost jumped from the action, his head turning to hers. She smiled endearingly at the cocked eyebrow, his glasses lens glinting in the artificial light as he gave her his usual cocky smirk.

"Are you sure it's ready?" the question stayed airborne, hovering between them as the woman awaited the answer.

"Let's do it." the click of the switch could have answered her question, but it wouldn't have been the same without such a laid back answer.

A humming, starting off low but gaining in volume, filled the room. The lights on all the machines turned light blue, the light flowing from the machines, through the wires and into the pedestal. The dome covered top lit up, the faint outline of what was charging inside showing through.

"Charging at fifteen percent…Twenty five percent and rising," the woman read off of the monitor in front of her.

"Increase the power and read back the results in thirty seconds," the man ordered, his eyes never leaving the flickering dome. His partner nodded at the command, pushing the leaver up a few levels before setting her trembling hands to the side, counting each second in her mind.

"Charging at sixty five percent and rising quickly. Should I decrease the power?"

"No." his answer was quick, eyes unblinking. "Increase the power to the maximum."

"Are you sure? The device has reached stabilization at eighty five percent and any further results could be unstable."

"I'm sure. We've worked too hard, too long, to stop now." she didn't need any more re-assurance from her partner. If his mind was set her faith in him would give her the courage to follow.

Her hands couldn't stop their shaking though as she pushed the small leaver as far as it would go, the humming almost deafening now.

Blue light, sparks arcing and spitting, curled around the wires, the power to much for the flimsy metal coils to contain. They hummed and groaned, surging like a bolt of lightening towards the pedestal. As soon as the power hit the pedestal the humming died, being replaced by a rumble that could have shaken the walls of the museum to their very core.

"What's happening?!" The woman clutched at her partners arm as she yelled, her voice being drowned out otherwise.

"I-I don't kno-" his words were cut short by a shower of sparks exploding from behind them, instinct causing him to wrap his partner into a protective embrace. "Stay here and keep your head down!" he ordered as he stood up, heading for the control panel.

"What does it say?!" his partner asked, ducking beside the work table that held their tools. The man panted, sweat pouring from his forehead as he tried to read all the flashing images of the panel at once.

"Maximum power reached! Final energy source being transferred in three point seven sec-" he was cut off again by another shower of sparks as another surge of blue energy burst from the machines around the room and into the pedestal.

The lights died, the sound cut and everything was reduced to a deadly hush.

"Sally? Sally are you alright?" the man asked frantically, searching for his partner. Lights flooded the room, causing the man to flinch at the drastic change.

"Bill?" he turned to see his partner by the wall, her hand still on the wall where the light switch was. He sighed in relief.

"Oh God you had me worried. Are you alright? Is anything hurt or damag-"

"Bill," his partner cut off, her breathless voice a serious tone.

"Yeah?" her eyes darted to the pedestal. "Oh."

He turned from her, crouching over the control panel. His eyes scanned everything the screens were telling him, widening and narrowing until he reached his final conclusion.

"Well?" he raised his head to look at the woman who had stood by him through the terrifying ordeal.

"It's finished," he stated bluntly. There was a moment of silence before the Sally's face broke out into a huge grin. She threw her arms around his neck, touching her forehead to his. "All our hard work is finally going to pay off Sally! All we have to do is test it," Bill finished, pulling away from the embrace his wife had thrown them into.

He turned back to the pedestal, an excited glint lighting up the eyes that were hidden behind a pair of round glasses. His hand shook as it inched closer to the prize on the pedestal, his wedding ring glinting in the green light his recent masterpiece let off.

A soft hand gripped his wrist, pulling it back before anything more could happen.

"Wait," Sally paused as her husband stared at her with confused brown eyes. "Shouldn't we wait until tomorrow Bill? The device hasn't been tested yet and we still have to let the coordinates process." Bill looked unsurely at his wife before back at the pedestal, licking his lips as he thought about what their creation could bring him. "Shouldn't we at least tell Jake first?" instantly his thoughts of what could be left him at the mention of the name as he turned to Sally.

"Of course. We'll surprise him tomorrow when his class arrives," he said, peeling off his singed white coat before hauling on an old dirty brown jacket. Sally smiled endearingly at him, knowing that Bill cared more for their son then probably their other creation-which was a hard win as he had been working on it for the majority of his adult life.

After stripping herself of her work clothes and pulling on the black coat she had received as an anniversary gift the couple left, his arm around her waist as they walked through their secret opening to the room.

"How does it feel?" Sally whispered as they passed the exhibits in the grand hall.

"How does what feel?" Bill asked back, his eyes drawn to a poster on the wall. The banner along the top popped out in bright yellow letters:

Fit for all days out! From Family Fun to School trips!

"To be so close to them," Sally finished as they exited the double doors. He chuckled as they jogged down the steps.

"It's all right," he answered, earning a sigh from his wife. "Taxi!" a yellow cab pulled up and both members climbed into the back seat, Bill giving him their address as they planned how the following day would go down.

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