As I walked down the boardwalk with my lover I wondered if my life could get any better. I could hear the sounds of the waves splashing down on the beach and then pulling back out into the ocean. It was almost as if the ocean was caressing the Earth, as I was doing to my partner besides me. The salty sea breeze cooled the afternoon air, but the yellow sun, a flaw in the pure blue sky, kept the day from becoming too cold. The boardwalk squeaked with our every step, while the dune grass seemed to sway with our every breath. Then, suddenly, the perfect day was ruined.

I could just make out a crowd of people as they came into view over the horizon. It was a large crowd of about fifty people and I wouldn't have paid attention to them if it wasn't for the way they marched towards us, as if we were a castle about to be stormed. I could sense malice in their marching, and I could tell my lover thought the same, because I could suddenly feel a hand grip my arm. Then, as we got closer, I could hear them shouting obscenities at us. I stood taller and tried to walk confidently for both of our sakes.

We continued to walk towards them as coolly and nonchalantly as we could muster. The crowd just seemed to grow more menacing with every step they took toward us. I reminded myself of the crowds that I faced as a small boy and as a young adult. "Stay cool and don't pay attention to them. Just keep walking." I whispered to my lover who still walked beside me.

As we approached the crowd my heart began to race. They began to throw objects at me and I did not know what they were until one of them hit me. They were rocks. They mostly missed us, but some hit our limbs. At this point we stopped holding hands and started to clutch each other as we inched nearer to the crowd.

When we came within ten feet of the crowd the rocks began to start hitting their targets. I staggered backwards when I felt a rock strike me in the head. I could feel blood starting to run down my forehead. I continued to walk as if I was never hit. As we came within five feet of the crowd, my lover suddenly let out a cry. I turned and saw a rock strike my lover's temple. Blood started to gush from the wound and my partner started to turn pale.

"Please, remember me." whispered my partner.

"I would never forget you, just don't go!" I said to my partner whose eyes were slowly closing. As I struggled to keep walking, my lover tripped and fell. I quickly picked-up my true love as I felt adrenaline start to rush through my blood.

As I approached the edge of the crowd, the rocks stopped flying through the air, however, in their place came something even more deadly, words. They came like a volley of arrows and each one of them pierced my heart.



"Not Natural"

"Ungodly," I flinched as each words struck me. I struggled harder now to hold back the tears that were dangerously close to surfacing. My partner's body seemed to grow heavier with each step. When I licked my lips, I could taste blood from my head wound.

We were at the center of the crowd now and I was being bombarded from all sides with deadly, hurtful words, "Disgusting."


"Wrong." the words just kept on coming.

I continued to trudge on through the seemingly endless crowd. The sky and sun seemed to turn red and even the breeze died down. Then, I felt a rock strike my foot. I stumbled badly and almost dropped my lover. I tried to stand tall and prayed to God that I would get through the crowd, however, I doubt that God could even heard my words over the words being screamed now by the crowd.

I moved slower now and each moment seemed like a decade, as if the world was put into slow motion. I had no energy left to hold back my tears, so they flowed freely now. My head started to go numb and my vision blurred. I knew that my time was coming closer, but I continued anyway. Then, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw someone wind back for a throw; I closed my eyes waiting for the blow. It came.

I collapsed, fighting to stay conscious, my lover, still in my arms, looked deathly pale. I could feel the world slipping away. I saw my childhood, the bullies that constantly ridiculed me. I saw my parents who always neglected me. I saw my life bloom like a flower when I met my lover, but I also saw how our love had to be kept secret in fear of mobs like the one that surrounded me. Was our love meant to be? Were we just nature's mistakes? These questions surrounded me like a swarm of angry bees.

I opened my eyes to find my lover being dragged away from me. I screamed and clawed the air, hoping that it would make them stop. Then, I suddenly realized that my last breathe went into that scream, that my death was inevitable now. Fear overcame me as I laid there struggling to draw in another breath.

I heard laughter from around me, "Look at him, struggling to breath like a fish out of water!" said one person hysterically laughing.

I fought to stay alive because if I died I would never see my true love again. The sky darkened and the sun brightened. The light began to overtake me, to drown me. My heart started to beat faster and faster. I closed my eyes and saw my lover's face bathed in a golden light. I understood now! They were trying to break us up. To separate us for all of eternity, but their efforts are in vain. They are just making our love permanent allowing me to spend an eternity with my love! I died with a smile on my face.