Around you I am shy and awkward.

Without you I feel blue.

I respect you and I care about you,

Even if our moments are too few.

If the world came to an end,

I would say goodbye to only you.

I probably creep you out,

But I cant get over you.

I have tried and tried,

but I can't...

I still care,

very,very much.

Words can hardly describe,

How much I care about you.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,

And I'll always offer it to you.

It is very hard,

To get over someone you love.

I would do everything in my power,

To help you and for you to be by my side.

By now you probably hate me,

You loath the guts inside me.

As I write this I start to think,

That I am a huge jerk,

That writing this is stupid...

But its not,its not.