Your hidden secrets,

Are emotions that no ammount of hurtful words could keep kept

When it comes to me you take no notice

There is no justice

To you I'm only a game

Just another name

To bleed on

To pick on

To write red words on

There is no trust

Just fuss

So treat me like this if you must

Your words have been written in red

Things felt and things that shouldn't have been said

Red words I cannot erase

But still words that I can face

I'm through with being your paper

Tired of being a hater

Sick of being your waiter

Those red words you wrote on me

The blood you spat at me

I'll make myself clean

I'll break free

But it's only fair that I write a word or two

That might scar you;

Bleed all the way through

Red words only go so far

Until they're revealed for just what they are

While they cut as deep as a sword,

As cruel as they were

Baby, they're only words