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Prince oliver wanted to have an adventure.

And not just any adventure. He wanted to have one that would end up with him saving the beautiful princess Margaret. So he went to his father, king Otto, to discuss the matter over. "father, I want to have an adventure!" prince Oliver Said. "I want to have one that'll get me hooked up with princess Margaret!"

king Otto stroked his beard. "well, Oliver." he said "princess Margaret isn't in any perils with dragons or demon sacrifices or fairy kidnappings. How do you expect to win her if she's not in any danger? I suppose the court magician could turn you into a dog, and then we could send you to her as a gift to gain her love, but-"

"but I don't want to be a dog!" prince Oliver finished. "I want to do something while staying a human! Whoever heard of a decent fairytale in which the prince turns himself into a dog?! It's lunacy!"

"well, I suppose we could have the princess kidnapped, but whoever heard of tha-"

"I did!" prince Oliver shouted. "it's just what needs to happen! You there, Knight! Go find the closest dragon and tell it to kidnap princess Margaret, only not to tell her that I ment for her to be kidnapped, and in exchange it will be allowed to keep its life when I take the princess!"

and so, in quite a short while, it was done, the princess held captive by what the prince thought was a snarling, fire breathing monster that he would kill anyway to show off to princess Margaret. As soon as he was sure that the news was spread throughout the kingdom that the princess was kidnapped, prince Oliver mounted his faithful white charger snow-bloom and set off for the dragons lair, clad in gold armor with sword in hand. finally, he reached the cave, out of which smoke was pouring. Tying snow-bloom to a nearby and very badly burnt tree, prince Oliver dismounted and approached the cave.

"Ho there!" he called "Dragon! I am prince Oliver, come to slay you and rescue the lovely princess Margaret!" there was a rustling, and then a dragon's head slithered out of the cave and looked at prince Oliver with catlike eyes. Prince Oliver just stared. Instead of the drooling, scaly, rabid winged monster that he had been expecting, he was staring into the emerald eyes of a furry, light purple, very friendly Looking female dragon. "you've come already?" she asked, smiling. "I didn't know that you would come here so soon! Me and the princess have been haveing such a wonderful time together! Do come in!"

taken aback, prince oliver walked in, dazed. This was the fire breathing, slobbering, rabid, fanged beast that the knight had gotten for him!? Prince oliver couldn't believe it. Instead of a dark, smelly cave Oliver (or any self-respecting person) would expect as a dragons home, there instead was a carpeted, warm cave with a fireplace to one side and couches spread everywhere. Potted flowers brought a sweet smell to the cave, and a window, framed with lavender curtains, looked out on a beautiful but scorched forest. The walls were painted with swirling, intricate patterns of birds and trees and dragons. The biggest shock to Prince Oliver, however, was that instead of being chained to the wall, princess Margaret was sitting on one of the couches, plaiting her hair!

All the bewildered prince could do was stare. The dragon changed herself into her human form and sat next to princess Margaret on the couch. Prince Oliver, not sure what else to do, sat on a overstuffed armchair that smelled of flowers.

Princess Margaret looked up. "oh no! Not a prince!" she sighed. "and I was having such a lovely time! Don't make me leave!" she pleaded, looking up into Prince Oliver's eyes beguilingly. The prince wavered, but even though the dragon was soft and kind, he still didn't trust it and wanted to bring princess Margaret home with him. "she will be fine." the dragon-person said, as if reading his thoughts. "you can visit her every day if you wish." that did it for the prince. In those days, a dragons word was law.

So, still quite bewildered and very embarrassed at having come fully armed to face a nonexistent foe, he left on snow-bloom.

When he returned to the palace without the princess, however, he got many bad stares from the servants, maids, knights, and other people before being summoned to king Otto.

"prince Oliver!" king Otto shouted "you have brought a bad name on the family from this! How dare you come back without the princess, without a dragons head even!? Even my lowliest knight could have done better than that! Get out of my house, and never come back until you have either princess or head!"

distressed, prince Oliver didn't know what to do. Not thinking of anything else, however, he again mounted snow-bloom and rode off to the dragons cave.

"back again? And so soon?" the purple dragoness greeted him when he entered. "you haven't come to take me away again have you?" princess Margaret asked.

"no." Prince Oliver said. "king Otto has forbidden me to enter his palace ever again until I have either a dragons head or a princess." the dragon and princess Margaret both made sad faces as they thought of what this meant. "oh, please don't take me away from lily! She's the best friend I've ever had!" pleaded Margaret, referring to the dragoness.

"don't kill me!" asked lily. "I have yet to enjoy life! I am still young, and princess Margaret is my first friend! Why slay me when you would also bring Sorrow to your love, and be guilty of killing only a young dragonet? No, stay here awhile and enjoy our life, your father will forgive you with time." and so Prince Oliver stayed with the dragoness and the princess.

However, as he stayed longer and longer, he began to notice Lilys ways, and she his. How Lily would never speak out in anger. How Prince Oliver cared for princess Margaret. How Lily, to keep from scareing Margaret, would eat her many and invariably bloody kills outside of the cave. How Prince Oliver would like to stare endlessly at the stars. Within weeks, dragon and prince had fallen for each other, without Margaret knowing.

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