To be honest, I never asked for any of this. I never asked to be followed by some urban legend. I highly doubt anyone would.

All this crap happened to me at the beginning of Summer. I just got out of school and as any other teenager would do, I looked up some creepy pastas. The only reason why I did that was because I curious at first. The most popular one I was hearing from a few people from school was the creepy pasta about Slender Man. So, after school I went straight to my computer and did a BUNCH of research on the topic of Slender Man, while also looking at other creepy pastas as well. I have to admit that I was scared shitless that night.

I couldn't sleep that night. One of the many reasons why I had insomnia and still do. That night I stayed up and all I did was watch TV and tried thinking about positive things to drown my head out about the creepy pastas and Slender Man. I was laying in my bed at the time just waiting for morning to come until I heard foot steps outside my window. I knew that my neighbors had cats but these foot steps sounded too human to be any animal. I shrugged it off and continued to watch TV. Later on, I looked through the creek of my door and saw a black suit. I saw a black suit and red tie but I couldn't see the head due to the angle I was looking through my door (I was still laying in bed at the time). I blinked and then that figure disappeared. I shrugged it off too. I joked about how it was the G-Man from Half Life and he wanted to offer me a job to save Black Mesa. I passed out an hour later.

This is the part of my Summer I regretted doing.

I went to visit my family in the wonderful town of Modesto and the creepy pastas were still stuck with me. When it was finally dark enough, I told my cousin Shirley and my cousin Otto to look up the creepy pastas I looked up. My cousins weren't really as scared as I was but it was still entertaining to show them. I thought I was done with this creepy pasta shit when my cousin Shirley took a sudden interest in the Slender Man. She personally likes mysterious characters and I guess this was why she was obsessed with him.

She looked up photos, watched all the documentaries, and even made an account to the Slender Man wikia. I kept telling her to stop so she won't get too obsessed with him but she didn't listen. After awhile I joined her with the many Slender Man related things she did. We looked at documentaries and parodies. Then some things started happening.

I remember some of the TVs in my uncle's house were perfectly fine. Me and my cousins were just watching TV and then everything just went static. They were never any problems like this before so we just assumed the TVs were getting old. Me and Shirley were supposed to be sleeping downstairs and I went down to go to sleep first. I laid down on the couch and tried to drift to sleep. I was about to sleep until I heard this obnoxiously loud clap. It was near a window but I knew someone didn't throw a rock because if they did, the sensor light would have gone off. I ignored the random sound and just laid there waiting for my cousin.

One hour later, we were just occupying our time watching TV and drawing until we heard that weird clap again. This time it was near the backyard door that was next to where we were supposed to sleep. I was scared and just scooted away from that spot while Shirley went to go investigate. She looked through the blinds and as soon as she focused on what she was supposed to see, she saw a hand tap the glass that separated her from the backyard.

Apparently, we woke up our uncle with the noise we were making about the situation and he went outside to investigate. He saw nothing. We tried to go to sleep and luckily we did. The next morning my uncle went out to investigate again. He said he saw what appeared to be foot steps in his little rock border around his fence.

That wasn't the end of it.

One morning I was awake at 7am doing nothing but messing around with my laptop and watching TV. Shirley, who slept on the couch away from me, sat up and started mouthing words. She then sat back down and went back to sleep. At least 15 minutes later, she woke up and started acting weird. She sang this weird creepy song. I only remember some lyrics mainly because I wanted to forget about this particular morning. It was a song I would have never heard of and never would listen to.

The lyrics I remember are: (This isn't how the song goes):

When I'm sleeping, he waits.

Dressed like the perfect groom.

He makes children scream "Please stop"

She kept singing it. I kept telling her to stop but she wouldn't. The only time she would stop was when I got near her. She was scaring me but the way I was acting towards her made her feel scared as well but I knew this wasn't her. I kept interrogating about where she had heard the song and she kept saying she heard it in her head and she wanted to sing it out loud. She acted like she was high on marijuana. Truth be told we never did that and I knew something was wrong. I asked her if it was about him but she shrugged it off and said that it was about God.

She then went back to sleep after and I was grateful for it. I was getting sick and tired after watching her act carelessly. It's hard to take care of a temporarily weird acting cousin even though she wasn't on any drugs. She woke up 20 minutes later and I decided to ask her again about this morning. She said that she didn't know what I was talking about. I was just as confused as her. I told her what had happened that morning and she looked at me with fear. She never knew she did this and I told her to stop looking up Slender Man. She agreed but I knew she didn't stop.

I still have stories to tell about this but I guess it can stop here. Reason being is that Shirley asked me not to talk about a few things and I respect that. If you don't believe me, then you don't believe me.

I just wanted to get my story out. I am not doing this to get attention but to share my experiences with you.