Hi there, it's Myla.

I'm back with another one-shot, and again, it's kinda short but I kinda like it because there's also some fluff. And I love fluff as much as I love lemon.

Please, if you're not of the appropriate age, turn back now. If you don't, well, read at your own risk.


The night is dark and slightly chilly, but I feel warm and am gasping. Adrenaline rushes through me and I can't help but giggle.

"Brant... I can't... I'm going to..."

Brant looks at me and I can see his green irises as if it is day. They are sparkling with mischief and a little bit of something else. He reaches out for me and takes my small hand in his large, calloused one. "Don't worry Kelsey, it's just a bit further."

As we run across the field I can't help another giggle. I feel so bad, so rebellish, and it made me feel alive. It was the second best feeling in the world; the first being a mindblowing orgasm.

We finally reach the side doors of the school, and I duck into the shadows after Brant. I keep watch as he jiggles the door and using his friend, Michael's breaking-and-entering kit he quickly gets the door opened. We slip inside and catch our breaths.

I'm the first to check out the school at night. It is so hauntingly quiet that my footsteps echo across the linoleum floors that has just been swept and mopped and looks surprisingly clean.

"It's so creepy," I whisper, turning my body towards Brant who is approaching me from behind.

He takes my hand again and nods. "Let's go; I hate this hallway."

I roll my eyes at that. Of course he would hate this hall. It is filled with all the AP classes meant only for intelligent people. He spends his whole life here, trapped in these classes.

Instead of giving him a comeback, I just follow him, as he leads me to the cafeteria. He plays around with the doors again for a bit and then they open with a soft click.

He turns back to me, grinning. "This is pretty easy."

"Yeah, whatever, let's just go," I say, feeling my excitement mix with something else in the pit of my stomach; lust.

I push the door open and step into the dark cafeteria. I can only vaguely make out the shapes of the tables and benches when suddenly the lights blare on.

I whip around, only to find Brant standing in a corner. He had found the light switches. "Brant! Why'd you do that?"

He grins, coming back to me and pulling me into his arms, my chest pressed flat against his. My breath hitches and a wetness begins to pool between my thighs. He looks so hot with his hair messy this way, straight from a shower. And his eyes are so beautiful; without his glasses, they were visible and striking. Who knew a nerd could be so hot?

"Don't worry, Kels, the caf faces inward so no one will see the lights but us. And I want to film what happens next."

"Film?!" I shriek as he begins kissing down my neck. My hands in his dark hair tighten and I can't help but moan.

"It's not everyday something like this happens," he whispers huskily in my ear before taking my lob into his warm, wet mouth and sucking gently on it.

I gasp and sigh as a shiver runs down my spine. Oh, he's got me so, so wet.

"Will you please humour me?" He moves onto my face, kissing me everywhere but my lips, the place I desperately want him to be.

I grab his face and murmur, "Okay." And then I bring my lips up to his.

He kisses me back hungrily, his tongue pushing into my waiting mouth. I moan again, and a sound from his throat escapes. He picks me up easily, and I swing my legs around his waist as he moves toward the centre table in the middle of the caf; my table, the one I share with my group of friends.

The one that I have fantasized being fucked on, the one Brant promised to fuck me on if he could have the chance with me.

I giggle as he lays me back down on its cold surface and we keep kissing, his body between my thighs. His hands are roaming me now, running up and down my sides and across my stomach but not in any places where I want him to touch me.

He's teasing me, I realize, and I promise to get him back later, when he's going to regret this. Nerds aren't allowed to tease me; thats my job.

"Aren't you going to film us?" I ask, my voice breathy as I gasp for air.

He pushes himself away from me with a dazed look on his face. "Right." With a groan, he heads to the next table, pulling a camcorder from his pockets.

I take advantage of his absence. Getting up on the table as quietly as I could with my high heels, I stand in the sexiest pose I could think of; my hands pushing my breasts together as I kneel on one knee so that my bright neon green thong is clearly visible- and how wet I am.

He turns around with a triumphant smile as he finally gets it working, and then his jaw drops, his eyes devouring my body.

I smirk at him, shaking my hips as I stand slowly. I begin to dance to imaginary music, and pretending that there's someone before me, I begin to grind the air.

My hands are squeezing my breasts and it feels so good that I start taking my shirt off; I'm wearing a tight green halter top over a short jean skirt so its easy to make my stripping look sexy. Hell, I could be wearing sweats or bear pjs and still make stripping look sexy.

I throw it at him, and he fumbles to catch it. With a laugh, I throw my head back and grind my hips, my eyes on the camcorder that's currently recording me. God, just the idea of being filmed has gotten me aching for some relief.

I'm now in my black lace bra and its thin enough to see my perk nipples. I run my hands down my stomach and over my skirt and I could literally see Brant's pants tightening. I smile. "Are you going to keep standing there while I take my skirt off, or do you want to help me?"

He doesn't need me to ask again. Hurrying over, he stands before me and I realise that his head is at the height of my private area. I moan, pushing my hips forward ever so slightly. He gets the hint, and I'm glad that he's so smart. He takes my ass into both his hands and brings his face to where my cunt would be if I didn't have my skirt on. He takes a deep breath, then begins kissing down my left leg. He kisses back up and begins sucking gently on my inner thigh and his hands are kneading my butt. I'm shaking with pleasure, my hands buried in his hair.

He switched legs and does the same; by now I'm gasping. I'm so wet and I need him so badly. "Brant," I gasp, "Please!"

He looks up at me, smirking, and I want to wipe that smirk off. So I lean down and kiss him hard on his lips. It's an awkward position for me, but I manage.

I slip my hands between us and undo the button and zipper on my skirt. With his help, we push it down to my feet and I throw it to where my shirt is. I sit down on the desk, my legs wrapped around his hips. I take his shirt off and begin sucking on his neck. He grunts and squeezes my breasts, unclipping my bra and releasing my two babies to the cool caf air. It only takes a moment of him cupping and kneading them as he runs his thumb over my nipples to make them nice and hard.

I'm on my own mission as I kiss down his chest, twirling my tongue around his nipples before heading to his flat abs. I kiss each ridge, wondering how he has the time to study and work out to get these babies. My hands are expertly undoing his jeans; I'm impatient now, so I slip them and his black boxers to the ground.

His cock springs free and I stare for a minute. Damn, I am one lucky bitch. He's so thick and long, probably about the same -if not longer- than the hottest and most-sought after guy in school, aka my normal on-and-off fuck buddy, Anderson.

I quickly get on my knees and push him to the table, taking his cock into my mouth. He moans at this, and it's this deep sound from the back of his throat and is so fucking hot.

I lick the tip, and in a painfully slow pattern, I suck his head a bit before running my tongue down his underside, back up and around the tip again before taking the whole thing into my mouth and sucking gently and going back to lick the tip. His hands are fisted in my hair but I don't mind; it takes a lot for a guy not to take control and start fucking my face. I usually love rough sex, but taking control of a blowjob I'm giving is not exactly something I enjoy.

And it usually ruins the mood. It's why Anderson and I are always on-and-off. He won't understand that there are things I don't like to do when fucking and he needs to respect that.

I could feel Brant tensing up and he moans again. "Kelsey..."

I release him with a pop and he groans in frustration. I smile up at him, but he gives me this intense stare before grabbing me and pulling me up for a heavy kiss.

We flip and he presses his body into mine, his cock rubbing up perfectly against my black thong. He slips it off quickly and his head rubs my clit; I moan.

He pushes my body down onto the caf table and I shiver as he leans over me, placing his lips on my left breast and sucking. It sends little flicks of pleasure throughout me and I gasp out, "Go fast and hard."

He doesn't need me saying it twice and I'm so glad that I think I found a new fuck buddy. He pushes into me quickly, only giving me a second to adjust before he begins pounding away.

I'm screaming; I've always been loud, but this is just so fucking amazing. He's hitting that spot inside me that sends wriths of pleasure up my spine. If he keeps this up, I'm going to-

I cry out as he speeds up, attacking my body and pushing me into the cold, hard table. My body seizes up and pleasure takes over; all I can feel is my huge orgasm. I haven't had one of these in ages and it feels amazing. My walls clamp down on him and my toes curl.

But Brant doesn't even slow down. Who knew nerds had so much energy?

I'm sensitive now and every thrust makes my eyes roll back. I'm gripping the table like it's my lifeline and I'm laying here at his mercy, unable to take control like I originally wanted to.

"Oh God," he grunts, as his balls hit my ass repeatedly. The sound is so hot and I'm moaning again.

"Brant... Ugh... Keep going, keep going, don't stop, Oh God, please don't stop!" I shout, feeling my body shaking as the pleasure mounted.

"BRANT!" I scream as he goes faster, trying to reach that peak point himself. I'm gasping for air as my mind goes blank and my body shivers, taking me sky- high and back.

He grunts as he finally reachs that point too, and pulls out of me just at the right moment, squirting his cum all over my lower stomach. He rolls over and lays down beside me, and surprisingly, takes my hand in his.

As I watch him with wide eyes, he brings my left hand up to his lips and presses a kiss to the back before flipping over and kissing my palm. "Brant..." I can't finish my sentence though because I don't know what to say.

"That was amazing," he says it instead for me, as he kisses up my arm and onto my shoulder. He throws his arm around my waist and pulls me close, tucking his head between my shoulder and ear, with his nose nuzzling my neck.

For a second I am filled with such warmth and for once I feel like the sex wasn't just fucking, but a little bit of love-making too.

I allow myself to feel the giddiness of being loved for a second before I pull away and snap to reality. There is no way that Brant could love me; although we have known each other since grade school, we hardly ever speak. He only found out about this fantasy of mine because he found my little notebook with all my fantasies written in it in snippets and little notes and he was just smart enough to figure it out. Plus, we were from different cliques; he's a nerd and I'm considered popular- and a whore. One day he'll go to post-grad and then become a doctor or lawyer or politician, and I'll be lucky if I'm accepted into college. Shockingly, I feel a tightness in my chest knowing that there's not even a remote chance of us ever being together. But it's the truth, and I'm a realist.

I push him away and I sit up, pretending that I'm looking for my clothes. I was too sudden though, and although I don't look back I know he feels my rejection.

I grab my bra and put it on, then my shirt and skirt. I skip the thong, shoving it into my pocket. As an act of kindness, I gather up his clothes and bring them to him.

He sits up and quietly takes the clothes, putting them on. With his back turned, I creep over to the camcorder and take out the memory stick. I feel bad, because it's all that's left between us besides our memories, but I can't risk it getting out and having people like my friends see it. They'll never let me live it down.

I pocket it and turn around, handing the camcorder to him. He takes it without any suspicions and puts it back into his pocket.

He turns the lights off and we walk silently back the way we came. The night has grown colder and I wrap my arms around myself before Brant pulls me closer into his side, his arm around my waist. But it's a chivalrous move, not loving, and I take a deep breath, telling my heart that there is clearly a difference.

He walks me to my car and opens the door for me.

I smile up at him, trying to get past the lump that's grown in my throat so that I can talk. "That was nice."

He nods, cracking a smile. "It was. Goodnight, Kelsey." He kisses me gently on the lips and my heart flutters but it's over too fast and he's walking away, back to his car.

"Goodnight, Brant," I whisper, watching him climb into his car and start the engine. I get into my own, and when he drives away, I bury my face in my hands and cry.

At school the next morning we pretend that the other doesn't exist, even though I try to catch his eye.

He's a smart guy though and he understood my intentions last night clearly. He knows that there's nothing between us, even though he thinks its a choice and I know it's not.

He's so bright and has such a clear path before him that'll lead him straight to success. And I don't even want to risk that for him. I won't give him the option of taking that risk either, even though I now know that he truly cares for me.

I watched our tape last night and it brought tears to my eyes instead of the usual lust and desire I would feel when watching a sex video. Despite him being rough, he was also very gentle with me, and he watched me with the intensity of a loving boyfriend or husband. Through his actions I could see that this was more than just sex for him.

And I had ruined that.

Now, we can't even look at each other, let alone speak.

And I could never tell him that he had given me one of the best nights of my life.

I'm avoiding my friends as I head to my locker, because I can't stand their fake, preppy laughter and gossip right now. As I pull it open, a note flutters to the ground.

Text me if you ever need me to fulfill another one of your fantasies. I would be honoured to.


I hug the note to my chest, looking around for him. But I don't see him. Reading the note again, I let myself feel a flutter of hope. Maybe all wasn't lost, even if all he wanted was just sex.

But then the hope is squashed; there's nothing left, I know it.

After all, I'm a realist.

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